Socks Subscriptions are the New Sexy: 10 Reasons Why

socks subscriptions are the New Sexy: 10 Reasons Why

The sock of the month club has nothing on the sock subscription club, if you ask me. (And you didn’t ask me, but I’m going to tell you anyway.) Sure, a monthly box of new socks from your sock-of-the-month club can be pretty great — but when you join a subscription to get new socks every month, your life will change for the better in so many ways! Here are 10 reasons why you should give up sex and start devoting your life to cute socks instead.

1) They brighten your mood

As they say, the best way to a man's heart is through his feet, and colorful socks can even brighten your mood. A new study published in The Journal of Positive Psychology shows that students felt more relaxed and energized when they wore colorful socks compared to grey ones—and in turn, their test scores went up by an average of 1.5%. Not bad for a $10 pair of socks you can buy at Target or Walmart! Now if only there was a study about how short-shorts make people smarter...

2) They make you happy

Your day is brighter when you have new socks to show off. Happy people make others happy; it’s a law of nature. If you can find a way to surround yourself with smiling faces and good cheer, that’s an added bonus in your efforts to develop meaningful relationships and contribute positively to society. (Not only will others like you more, but it has been proven that happier people live longer.) People notice cute socks, which makes us happy too! When we feel noticed by others, our self-esteem and confidence increase —and when those around us feel confident, we tend to connect more with them.

3) They connect you with other people

You can make friends with other sock enthusiasts. How cool is that? There are a number of sock subscription boxes out there, like Sock Panda, that send you pairs of custom made socks from around the world, and even ones local to your city. This means you’ll meet people who have similar interests and who share a love for colorful socks. While cute socks can never replace an actual human connection in terms of personal development or socialization, it’s still pretty cool to find others with whom you have something in common. Not to mention there’s a pretty good chance your Sock Pals will surprise you with more pairs than just their own personalized set!

4) They free you from social pressures

You don’t need a partner to get your socks. You don’t have to answer any of those awkward questions, like Do you like my hair like that? or What do you think of my new haircut?. They aren’t a long-term commitment: Some people buy nice socks and wear them until they fall apart. With a subscription service, it doesn't matter if you only wear them for one year (or three) before switching over to something else; at least it's cheap entertainment for your feet!

5) They're an instant date idea

It’s hard to say no to a pair of fabulous, colorful socks on a first date, am I right? If you don’t know what her shoe size is but you want to give her something thoughtful for Valentine’s Day (or any day!), it doesn’t get much better than a cute pair of socks. They serve as an easy conversation starter, a souvenir for your date, and can even be worn later that night! Win-win-win.

6) You can choose your own theme

This one doesn’t need to be business related. It can be any topic that you think people will want to read about. I’ve decided to go with cute socks because they sound cute, yet funny at the same time. Here is my take on it

7) They're as comfortable as pyjamas

Staying in at night doesn't mean you have to stay in your pyjamas. Most subscriptions include a variety of colours and sizes, so you can treat yourself to new socks on a weekly basis. You'll likely never wear shoes again: At least not with socks! Once you try going sockless, it's hard to go back to shoes with socks because there is just no point! It's warm and cozy like snuggling in bed but without all that annoying sleep schedule nonsense. They'll make your feet smell better: Like soap, air freshener or deodorant, sometimes it's what you don't smell that makes things perfect.

8) They come in more styles than stilettos (and they don't hurt at all!)

You might not be surprised to hear that socks come in a wide variety of styles, but did you know they can have as many as 80 different options? You don't need to make sure your accessories match (unless you want to!) - socks can go with anything. Whether it's boots or sneakers, athletic wear or a sundress, a pair of cute socks will turn any outfit into something fashion-forward. The bright colours and patterns allow for more creativity in designing an outfit than shoes do. A sock subscription is perfect for someone who wants to accessorize their daily outfits without breaking the bank!

9) They can be funny, interesting, cool, unique - and even sexy!

Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or special event, socks make for a great gift. They can be funny, interesting, cool - and even sexy! With all of these options out there from multiple vendors around the world on subscription-based models like Stance Socks, there really is no excuse not to get a pair that speaks to you. We’ve compiled our Top Ten reasons why you should sign up today and get yourself something unique!

10) When you buy them for someone else, it's like saying I care about you enough to listen about what you want

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