Socks Subscriptions: A New Way to Show Off Your Strong Side

socks subscriptions: A New Way to Show Off Your Strong Side

One of the best things about socks subscriptions is that you get to show off your strong side with each pair of socks you put on. And what’s even better than showing off your strong side? Getting to wear a different pair of socks every single day! Whether you’re into nerdy humor, colorful patterns, or just plain ol’ cool-looking socks, you can be sure that any sort of sock subscription will make your feet and your personality look their absolute best.

#1) Choose a pair based on your personality

Believe it or not, you have a strong side. At Philosockphy Socks, we believe everyone has their own unique perspective and that’s worth celebrating. That’s why we created a subscription-based sock of the month club that allows you to express your personality through fun, colorful socks. We believe our socks can add meaning and flair to your everyday life while celebrating what makes you who you are. Whether you’re an individualist or belong in a pair (or two), choose a pair based on your personality!

#2) Share your interests through socks

If you’re not familiar with socks subscriptions, they allow you to get a new pair of socks in the mail every month. These aren’t just any old pair of socks, either; they offer a large variety of styles and colors. Every pair is super soft and comfortable thanks to high-quality fabrics. Signing up for a subscription is easy! To see what options are available, visit Philosockphy Socks today!

#3) Get inspiration from others

Most people look in one of two places for new ideas—their neighbors or their competitors. That’s all well and good, but I find inspiration in a different place altogether. I get my best new ideas from other entrepreneurs, not by looking at what they’re doing but by listening to what they have to say about their work and their business. So, instead of paying attention to your competition, why not listen in on interviews with other entrepreneurs? The BiggerPockets Podcast is an amazing resource if you want to hear from inspiring and successful people—both celebrities within our industry as well as ordinary folks who are putting food on their tables via real estate investing.

#4) When in doubt, show off your strong side

When you think about socks, you probably think of them in one of two ways: white athletic socks or black dress socks. There’s nothing wrong with either of these categories, but why not push your fashion forward and show off a strong side with a colorful sock subscription? Try something like Philosockphy Socks for men, women and kids. They have 5 pairs for men and 6 for women (all with different prints). For $15 per month, you get a pair of new, colorful socks sent directly to your door; all you have to do is wear them! And if you don’t like what they send you? Just send them back—and they’ll send you something new instead.

#5) Add more fun to your collection through subscriptions

Having a full sock drawer is enough to make most people happy. From Harry Potter themed socks, family-friendly cartoon socks, and exotic yarns, there’s something for everyone. Instead of buying individual pairs of great socks that you love, consider a subscription. This way you’ll get a new pair in your mailbox each month (or even week) and have variety in your collection. It’s an easy way to show off your strong side. How do I know which type of sock will show off my personality? Try it out with these questions: -What are you passionate about? -What excites you every day? -What drives or motivates you daily? -Which part of your life do you want to make better?

#6) If you have no idea what you want, skip this article

If you’re still struggling to decide on a niche, try going with something broad. In our case, we went with sock of the month clubs. It is a popular niche and has dozens of options; plus, it can be easily segmented by color. With five colors in each sock, that gives us 25 options right off the bat! And that doesn’t even account for other types of subscriptions (hats, gloves...). The point is, you don’t have to think up an idea no one has ever thought of—you just need a unique spin on something familiar.

#7) Some tips when choosing a subscription service

Consider what your needs are. Are you looking for socks that support a good cause? Do you have special requirements when it comes to fit and fabric? Do you have favorite designers or brands? Do you know how many pairs of socks you need on a monthly basis? Knowing your personal preferences, as well as what features might be important, can help you decide which service fits best. For example, if customization is important and designer names appeal more than charitable causes, Amazon’s Stitch Fix might be worth a look.