Sock Subscriptions: The Useless Facts About Socks

Sock Subscriptions: The Useless Facts About Socks

Lucky socks are great! Finding that one, perfect pair of socks to complete your outfit just feels great, doesn’t it? But what if you could have an entire wardrobe full of fun and unique socks delivered to your door each month? Sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it? That’s the idea behind sock subscriptions. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting facts about sock subscriptions and what makes them so popular in this fun and useless facts about socks article.

Unusual socks are more common than you think

Yes, socks are common. Yes, they’re functional. But not every pair is part of a collection. And that’s where things get interesting, because once you start collecting—or even worse, subscribing to—odd socks you might realize that you have a bit of a sock philosophy on your hands. Here are some useless facts about socks to help you find yours

Who makes socks?

More often than not, socks are made by hand. Often, sock making is done in family-owned businesses where artisans have been passing down their skills from generation to generation. These families usually value tradition over profit and will go out of business if they can’t make a living off their skills. While that may sound depressing at first, there’s actually a happy ending for these artisans! Many sock brands proudly claim to be 100% made in Italy or Made in Japan—this means that if you choose to buy these products, you’re supporting local communities and keeping these jobs alive. Plus, who doesn’t love wearing locally-made products? It almost feels like you have a little piece of home on your feet!

They are all over the world

More than a billion people wear socks daily, making them one of mankind’s most-worn garments. Because no special training is required to produce a pair of socks (in fact, they can be knitted in under an hour), they are cheap and easy to find all over. Even among Third World countries, where workers make as little as $1 a day, nearly everyone owns a pair or two. In America alone there are more than 500 million pairs of socks owned by men alone. One out of every five American men is forced to sleep in their socks on any given night.

Not all socks were born equal

That’s why it pays to know a little bit about socks before you go out and spend all your money on them. Whether you want socks that promote foot health, ones that turn into slippers, or just plain old fun socks, there’s something for everyone. Find out how to up your sock game by reading on! Here are seven fun and useless facts about socks you need to know.

History of how socks came to be

While your nose can tell you that your feet smell, it's not until someone else tells you that they notice something wrong. If you're worried about how bad your feet smell and want to do something about it, start off by keeping them as dry as possible. Do so by changing out of wet socks and wearing shoes with good ventilation (i.e., no flip-flops in summer). It may also help to trim nails regularly or even apply a bit of hand lotion if they're cracked or rough. Also, see your doctor if you notice a foot odor that persists after doing all these things; there could be an underlying medical condition causing them to stink up like garbage cans on a hot day.

Top sock brands in the USA today

1. Richer Poorer 2. Darn Tough 3. FITS 4. Thorlo 5. Smartwool 6. Stance 7. Wigwam 8. Falke 9.

Colorful and fun socks can lift your mood

One great reason to wear fun socks is because they can lift your mood. There are many studies that show different colors and types of clothing can make you feel better on a number of levels. And socks in particular, have been shown to have a positive effect. If you're not happy with your day or need an emotional boost, put on some colorful socks! You'll find yourself feeling more excited and ready to tackle your day! For example, one study showed people wearing red had higher levels of energy than those wearing other colors. But remember, wear a pair for each foot so you don't get dirty looks from anyone else in business meeting who might be more conservative when it comes to fashion.

Cleaning your feet without water!

If you don’t have access to water, a sock can be used in place of a towel. In fact, socks are one of our most versatile tools—they can be used for a whole host of everyday tasks that don’t require soapy water. Among these are: removing gum from hair, polishing car headlights and cleaning paintbrushes. Another handy tip for keeping your feet clean is to use an old sock as a makeshift shoehorn when putting on or taking off your shoes! It doesn’t work with all types of footwear, but it makes life much easier when it does. And if you prefer sandals to closed-toe shoes—but not washing feet or wearing socks—you can just go barefoot!

How to avoid smelly feet?

Smelly feet is an embarrassing problem that can make even a nice pair of dress shoes or sandals smell foul. To prevent smelly socks, always wear clean socks and change your socks at least once a day. If you have particularly sweaty feet, consider wearing synthetic fabrics like polyester or spandex; they allow your foot to breathe while fighting odor-causing bacteria. Wash your feet with soap and warm water regularly to get rid of bacteria on your skin's surface. And keep in mind that you can always give them a good airing out if there’s no one around by removing your shoes and socks for 10 minutes before putting them back on again (but not in public, please).