Sock Subscriptions: The Useless Facts About Socks

Sock Subscriptions: The Useless Facts About Socks

In case you’re wondering what sock subscriptions are, they’re basically just what they sound like: monthly subscriptions that send you an assortment of different socks based on your preferences and needs. On the one hand, these boxes are great if you need socks and don’t want to bother with buying them yourself; on the other hand, most sock subscriptions do cost a pretty penny, and there are dozens of useless facts about socks out there—like the ones listed below—that could be wasting your money even more!

What is a sock subscription?

We all wear socks, but who wants to buy them individually? Signing up for a sock subscription is a great way to get rid of that boring drawer full of socks and swap it out for fun and interesting new pairs every month. But why should you bother with a sock subscription? Here are 7 Fun & Useless facts about socks!

Who can benefit from sock subscriptions?

There’s no one in particular who can benefit from sock subscriptions. With that said, if you are someone who gets bored easily and loves surprises then you might want to give a sock subscription a try. Some people just love opening their mailboxes to find an unexpected package with their name on it. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in doing then it could be worth your while to look into sock subscriptions available today. Who knows, perhaps soon socks will become your new favorite subscription box!

Benefits of wearing socks

Wearing socks keeps your feet warm, prevents infection and is a great way to express yourself through fashion. Although sock trends come and go, there’s no denying that socks are useful accessories for nearly any outfit. Whether you prefer crew length, ankle or over-the-knee style, there’s a sock out there for everyone. Here are some other surprising facts about our favorite pieces of clothing

Top features of top sock subscription services

Subscribe & Save (Amazon) – Buy five pairs of socks and save 15%. Free shipping both ways. Gifts With Purchase (Gap) – Choose three pairs of socks and get a free pair. Free shipping on orders over $50. Love Your Feet Club (JCPenney) – Members can choose any six or more pairs of socks to receive 10% off every month for 6 months, plus free shipping with any order over $35. Birthday Surprise Club (Old Navy) – Join for free and receive a surprise pair of socks in your choice of style, size, color, pattern and heel height. Five percent off all other Old Navy purchases online and in-store is also included with your subscription.

10+ benefits of multiple pairs of socks

Socks are one of those underappreciated things in life. Sure, they serve a purpose—to keep your feet warm and comfy—but other than that, do you really appreciate them? Once you have multiple pairs of socks, however, you’ll appreciate them so much more. Here are 10+ benefits of having multiple pairs of socks at home.

The best sock subscription boxes in 2018

If you’re looking for sock subscription boxes, there are plenty of subscription boxes for socks on offer. In fact, it seems like everyone and their mother is offering sock subscriptions at the moment! But how do you know which ones to trust? We’ve done all of your homework for you by rounding up some of our favorite brands and hand-picking a few well-known favorites. Find out who we think are worth subscribing to here!

How to save money on your next order

There’s no shame in wanting to save a few bucks. We all want to get as much bang for our buck as possible, and sometimes that means looking for deals and special offers on certain items—even if they aren’t exactly necessities. In fact, sock subscriptions are one of those things you probably wouldn’t even think about until you see them advertised somewhere. But if you have a pair or two in your drawer that could use an upgrade, here are some fun facts to consider before sending away for your own subscription box...or three!