Sock Subscriptions: The Trendy Way to Say Something about Yourself

Sock Subscriptions: The Trendy Way to Say Something about Yourself

An interesting trend has emerged in the sock industry. It’s called sock of the month, and it basically works like other subscription services such as Birchbox or Dollar Shave Club, except the product you receive each month is socks! The idea behind sock subscriptions is that everyone has their own tastes and preferences when it comes to socks; having monthly options allows people to show off their personal style and preferences through their feet instead of their clothes.

What They Are

Just like how you get a monthly box of goodies from your favorite clothing brand, there are sock subscription services. Instead of receiving clothing, you will receive a box full of fun and colorful socks from different brands. If you’re looking for a gift idea or want to add some pep into your life, take a look at what some popular sock subscriptions have to offer. For instance, Bombas is a new and exciting brand that specializes in comfortable socks for men and women. With every purchase made on their website, they donate a pair of socks to someone in need through their non-profit arm. They also have an easy way for customers to report when they lose one so that they can send another pair out!

Why they are great

Sock subscriptions are a fantastic way to tell people something about yourself without having to say a word. From whimsical designs, like brightly colored animals and geometric shapes, to more traditional patterns like argyle and stripes, there’s a pair of socks out there for everyone. Just don’t wear them too often if you want them to retain their value! If you know someone who could use an injection of personality, send ‘em a few pairs; they will soon become one of your biggest fans.

Which ones are best

If you wear short socks with sandals, it’s time to rethink your shoe wardrobe—or at least your sock strategy. You don’t want either one of these fashion faux pas to define you or your style as a whole. Instead, open yourself up to new options by signing up for a sock subscription service, which delivers packs of colorful socks right to your door. Not only do they add an element of fun and variety into your life; they also help distinguish you from all those guys who (still) wear white athletic socks with sandals year-round. No matter what kind of manly man you are, subscribing for six months will give you something fresh and stylish (and not always included in every other men's grooming box) that expresses who you are.

How they can be used as gifts

Everyone has a personality, and with a sock subscription, you can say something specific about them. Even if you don’t know someone that well, giving a sock subscription lets them get something they probably wouldn’t have purchased for themselves (and we all love socks!). In addition to gifting your loved ones an awesome gift idea, remember that these subscriptions make great gifts for coworkers or clients as well. They are unique and fun; everyone loves being able to pick out their own pair of socks every month! Just give us our new favourite socks every month and we will be more than happy!

Where you can find them

There are a lot of sock subscription services out there for you. At $6-15 per month, they’re not cheap, but if you value expression and statement making, then socks might be just what you need. Several different companies have sprouted up in recent years that make it easy for customers to order new pairs every month. Each one offers a unique selection of fun colors and patterns so that your day-to-day shoes can say something about your personality. Some even let you choose favorite themes or styles – whether it’s zany animal prints or sophisticated polka dots that catch your eye. And because they send them directly to your door instead of having you drive around looking for them yourself, you’ll never run out unexpectedly again!