Sock Subscriptions: The Tie-Dye Solution to Your Boring Sock Drawer

Sock Subscriptions: The Tie-Dye Solution to Your Boring Sock Drawer

Are you tired of having the same boring socks in your sock drawer every time you put some on? Do you want to add something fun and new to your style? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then sock subscriptions are the perfect solution! When you sign up with one of these services, they’ll send you a different pair of socks every month, giving you access to the latest trends in sock design and ensuring that your sock drawer is always interesting.

What are sock subscriptions?

A sock subscription is a service that delivers a fresh, new pair of socks right to your door every month. These subscriptions run around $10-$15 per month (plus shipping), and you can either pick out your own colors and patterns or let your sock provider curate some options for you. Depending on how much variety you want, there are tons of options—from brands like Bombas and Dirty Sox up through more creative services like Stance or Philosocks. The idea behind sock subscriptions is straightforward: they make sure you never have boring socks in your drawer again. You never have to worry about shopping for them at Target or try so hard with Lulu’s online sale.

Things you should know about this new trend

It’s called sock subscriptions. It’s like a t-shirt of the month club, but for socks. It costs around $20 per month and it’s available worldwide. For example, there is Daily Brief (US, $20), Knot Standard (UK/EU, €15), and Willerful Socks (AU/NZ, $25). They all promise a delivery every 30 days with five pairs of different designs. This seems like a great solution for someone who wants interesting socks every few months without going through all that tedious searching on eBay or spending too much money on designer socks. But I still have one question left unanswered: How exactly does one combine their boring office suit with tie-dye themed ankle wear?

How to make sure you pick the right subscription service

There are lots of sock subscription services on the market, but none of them will fit your personality and needs perfectly. Philosockphy takes a step back from simply picking a subscription service and helps you look at your sock drawer as a whole—helping you figure out which subscriptions make sense for you based on your desired budget, frequency, and style. Think about it: if all you care about is size and length, that’s easy—but if you have other demands (comfortable fabrics? attractive designs?), that’s harder. Philosockphy helps walk through those concerns with actionable steps for finding your perfect match!

What to do once you receive your first pair of socks?

Once you’ve received your first pair of socks from a sock subscription, you’ll need somewhere to put them. As cute as it may be to have a dedicated drawer in your room for nothing but socks, eventually, it’s going to overflow. That is why we recommend using tiered wire hangers (like these). Tiered wire hangers work perfectly for your sock drawers! They provide structure for rolling and protecting your pairs, and unlike traditional wooden hangers, they won’t take up too much space. This solution is better than throwing all of those socks into one drawer because then you won’t be able to find what you need when you need it! With a tiered wire hanger, you can organize by color or by occasion. Then, once you wear that new pair of socks with your favorite suit or dress shoes, simply hang them back on their respective tier! If you want to store more than just socks on your tiered wire hanger, consider adding some adhesive hooks. These will help keep ties and belts organized on their own little tiers.

Tying a half Windsor knot and matching it with my selection

Out of a drawer full of socks, there was an awkward mess. Some were mismatched, others frayed at the top and bottom, but most had holes in them. I often found myself pairing black dress socks with my khakis. It wasn’t that bad, but it didn’t feel right either. Then one day I met a friend at a bar after work for some beers and business talk. After three or four pints I noticed my friends’ socks matched his tie quite well—he just paired two different types of blues and voila! After a few more drinks I asked him how he came up with such an inspired combination.