Sock Subscriptions: The Perfect Gift for the Sock Lover in Your Life

Sock Subscriptions: The Perfect Gift for the Sock Lover in Your Life

Your mom always said that socks were the most important part of your outfit, but you never listened. Now that you’re older, you’ve come to realize that she was right – especially when it comes to sock subscriptions. The best socks come in pairs, and if you’re going to have to wear them every day, they might as well be ones that are both stylish and comfortable! If you’re shopping for someone who loves socks as much as you do, here are some great sock subscription ideas.

How it works

Philosockphy is a sock subscription service that delivers a new pair of socks to your door every month. To get started, choose between three different monthly subscriptions - Classic, Comfort or Performance and select one size (either Men's Medium (8-12) or Women's Large (9-13)). With each subscription you’ll receive two pairs of socks per month - so you can swap out your old pair with each new pair. You'll also have access to an online dashboard where you can track what pairs you already have and make changes if needed. At checkout, you’ll have an option to add gift messaging and even change your frequency if you choose.

How many pairs do I get?

Do you have a sock-loving friend or family member? A sock subscription might be just what they need. Most subscription services send a variety of designs, prints and patterns on a monthly basis (although some offer seasonal shipments as well). Most subscriptions come with enough pairs to last an entire month—that means someone's going to get 10-20 socks over time. These subscriptions also make great gifts for groomsmen, birthdays and other occasions.

What happens if I don’t like something?

You can take an entire month to decide whether you like your new socks. If, at any point during that month, you decide that you don’t like Philosocks, just return them and we’ll refund your money. This is what we call our Any Reason Return Policy. We want to ensure that our customers are truly satisfied with their socks!

What are popular sock subscription services

There are a variety of sock subscription services to choose from, but there are two main categories that they fall into: socks designed with an activity (such as running) or a specific weather condition (like winter) in mind, and novelty socks that offer themed designs. Some examples of specialized sock subscriptions include Sock Panda, which focuses on athletic-wear socks; Bearfoot Theory, which is primarily focused on women's socks; and Pique Outdoors, which makes men's and women's outdoor-themed socks. Examples of novelty sock subscriptions include RockLove Socks, which offers rock ‘n’ roll-themed designs; Dr. Seuss Designs by Dr. Seuss Enterprises LLC., which offers custom art of your favorite Dr.

Who are some great sock subscription services for women

Unfortunately, there aren’t many sock subscription services out there, but I found some. All of these services only offer socks to women, which is why they are perfect as a gift idea. I personally have never purchased any of these subscriptions before (nor have I ever heard of them) so I can’t really speak on their quality or customer service...yet (wink wink). That being said, all of these companies have rave reviews and appear to be legitimate enough to do some good research on. Let me know if you guys decide to try any out! If you aren't satisfied with what you find here then look online and find more companies that offer sock subscriptions for women.

How do I choose between all these great sock subscriptions?

From Stance, which has monthly sock subscriptions designed by pros (or proxies, as they call them) to Bombas, which uses your shoe size and other preferences to make sock suggestions. If you’re a pair of socks every month kind of person, you’ll want to read up on all your options before making a final decision. That way, you won’t be stuck with a subscription that doesn’t suit your needs or style. This post is a great place to start.

What about kids and babies – can they have sock subscriptions too?

Of course! If you have children or pets, you probably already know about how fast a favorite pair of socks can go missing. This is a perfect reason to invest in sock subscriptions. And not only are sock subscriptions great gifts, but they can help save your sanity as well – just like regular deliveries of diapers and wipes do for parents of babies and toddlers. You’ll never be running out of socks again – no matter who you are or what gender your feet fall into!

Where can I buy my favorite colorful socks and fun patterns from my favorite subscription box brands?

If you have a sock-loving friend or family member, consider subscribing them to their favorite sock brands. Think about what subscription box would be most fun for them and shop accordingly. Here are some of our favorite subscription boxes and where you can buy your favorites! You may also want to check out our list of 10+ Monthly Women's Subscription Boxes if you’re shopping for other female loved ones. If they wear men’s socks, check out our list of 8+ Men's Subscription Boxes instead. For even more options, we highly recommend browsing local stores and boutiques, which is not only fun but often more affordable as well!