Sock Subscriptions: The New Way to Receive a Sock of the Month


Folding socks can be a huge pain, especially if you have lots of them to deal with in the morning. Luckily, there are plenty of options on the market that make folding socks much easier, including sock subscriptions, which come with socks sent to you every month for one low price. What’s more, sock subscriptions can also provide you with accessories to go along with your new and funky socks. Take a look at these five creative ways to fold your socks and subscribe to one of these sock subscription services today!


First, What Are sock subscriptions?

It's no secret that socks are one of life's necessities. We wear them all year round and they're even more necessary in the winter when we bundle up. In fact, studies show that socks account for about 20% of our body heat loss during winter months, so it's important to make sure we stay warm. There are many different types of socks out there from dress socks and crew socks to crazy color dress socks and fun ankle socks, but it can be challenging to find quality ones that fit your needs or personal style. This is why sock subscriptions were created - as an easy way for men (and women!) everywhere to get fun, quality new pairs delivered right to their doorstep on a monthly basis!


Second, Should You Get One?

If you're looking for a sock subscription, make sure that your gift recipient is into colorful socks, because the socks are available in purple, blue and even red! They also have cool socks for men like crew socks or dress socks. You'll receive monthly packages with 4-5 pairs of socks, so it's not one pair every day. If you're looking for a fun sock subscription for men or an awesome sock club for yourself, this is perfect!


Third, How Does it Work?

FANCY is an online sock company with a twist. This company offers two types of subscriptions; one for men and one for women. Each subscription comes with three pairs of socks every month, each with a different design that corresponds to their theme. They also offer gift subscriptions so you can send someone else something fresh and fun in the mail each month. If you're looking for some fun, colorful socks that are made just for men, look no further than FANCY!


Fourth, Prices and Length of Time

The first sock subscription I found was called sockshoot and it offers various lengths of subscriptions (1, 3, 6 and 12 months) at differing prices. They also offer free shipping on all orders. A 3-month subscription to sockshoot costs $34.99 USD and includes 12 pairs of socks.
The next company I looked at is called Dress Socks Club and it offers 1 month for $12 USD or 3 months for $24 USD or 6 months for $36 USD. You can't customize any part of your order but they do offer complimentary shipping in the US with orders over $75.


Fifth, Companies That Offer sock subscriptions

A sock subscription is a new way to receive socks in the mail each month. It's perfect for anyone who likes to try new socks, but doesn't want to buy them every month. Plus, it can be hard and time-consuming to find new pairs when you need them. This subscription service will save you time and money!