Sock Subscriptions: The Gift That Keeps On Giving Sock of the Month Clubs: A Gift That's Sure to Please

Sock Subscriptions: The Gift That Keeps On Giving sock of the month Clubs: A Gift That's Sure to Please

A surefire way to the heart of any sock lover is through their feet. If you’re shopping for someone who loves nothing more than pulling on a new pair of socks, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift. That’s where sock subscriptions come in handy! They ensure that your special someone has a steady supply of fresh socks on hand so they can get their sock fix on whenever they want without having to go out and buy them themselves.

Have Fun

Buying your dad a simple pair of socks for Father’s Day can be boring. Why not buy him something that he’ll actually enjoy getting, like a sock subscription? There are plenty of unique monthly sock-of-the-month clubs out there, including some that ship handmade accessories and even options with retail values up to $200! If you want your dad to think you put some thought into his gift, surprise him with something fun (and practical) like a new subscription. He might be thanking you for years. And speaking from experience, it’s pretty tough to ruin socks for someone—they get worn until they fall apart or get lost. So really, what’s not to love about giving someone an awesome pair of socks every month?

Open Up New Conversations

While most people will appreciate receiving socks, they may not be as excited about them as other gift ideas. But that doesn't mean you have to skip out on gifting socks altogether. If you're choosing a sock subscription for someone who might otherwise be less enthusiastic about their gifts, give it a theme! For example, if your friend or family member loves sports teams, then sign them up for monthly socks from their favorite team in an array of different styles and patterns. If your child is into superheroes and/or cats, then sign them up for themed sock-of-the-month clubs that showcase their favorite comic book heroes and heroines. At $20 a month with shipping included (the average cost of a great pair of socks), these gifts are sure to delight!

Share Information About Yourself

What makes sock subscriptions fun is that it gives recipients a personalized and creative gift that they can enjoy on a daily basis. It’s not just any other pair of socks, but unique socks tailored to their tastes and delivered right to their door! Why would anyone want to do such a thing? Because when people are wowed by your gift giving skills, you become known as someone who gives thoughtful gifts. And when others see how much thought you put into what gifts you give, they’ll likely be inspired themselves.

Give the Gift of Socks

There’s nothing quite like a gift that keeps on giving. When you sign up for sock-of-the-month club, you (or your recipient) will receive a package in the mail filled with stylish socks that are sure to please any style connoisseur. They say that clothes make a statement, but really it’s their accessories that make all of our outfits pop and stand out from everyone else. And why should socks be any different? Let’s face it – socks are often an afterthought when we buy them for ourselves or others. We may take some time picking out a fun color or pattern for other clothing items, but rarely do we do that when buying new pairs of socks. Fortunately there is finally hope in sight!

Save Time Buying Gifts

Buying gifts can be a daunting task. But, what if we told you there was a way to save time when looking for presents? One way is by subscribing a loved one (or yourself) to a sock of the month club. Yes, that’s right! With subscription boxes being one of everyone’s favorite gift ideas, it makes sense that people would want their own socks delivered right to their door every month. Whether you subscribe your child’s teacher or best friend, they will surely appreciate these adorable and colorful socks that arrive monthly. Plus, who doesn’t love getting mail!? It really is just like Christmas every single month! No better way to get rid of all those pesky gift cards lying around too...

Support a Local Cause

A great way to give back to your community is through volunteering and helping out with a local cause. Check out VolunteerMatch, HandsOn Network, or Points of Light for opportunities in your area. If you have time on your hands, consider starting your own initiative! There are tons of ideas floating around on DIY websites, like instructables and craftster. You could even create an entire website dedicated to showcasing great initiatives in your area! You can then take advantage of free website tools like WordPress or Tumblr which makes it super easy for people to find out what you're doing, track progress over time, and build an online community around a shared cause.

Relieve Stress (for them)

If you know someone who loves their socks (or is looking for a fun gift for a sock-loving friend), consider gifting them a sock subscription service. There are tons out there and all of them offer something different, from patterned socks to some that have more heart than you might expect. Some are seasonal, meaning your loved one can look forward to sock gifts in April and October and others are delivered monthly or quarterly (there’s even one that delivers two pairs every three months). Most subscriptions cost between $10-$15 per month with free shipping, so it’s an easy (and affordable) way to spread joy—and colorful socks—among friends and family members all year long.

Get Unique, Interesting Gifts

Do you know someone who has everything? Are they difficult to shop for? Does it seem like their birthday and Christmas are one in the same? If so, a sock subscription may be just what you're looking for. These services have become popular in recent years because of their usefulness, not only for gift giving but also for personal use. Whether you're buying a gift or treating yourself, a sock subscription is sure to please.

Supporting Small Businesses

In many cases, sock subscription clubs offer a way for small businesses to grow and thrive. We love that aspect of sock subscriptions. Many are run by entrepreneurs who are doing all they can to create a sustainable, profitable business. In most cases, companies buy socks in bulk from quality manufacturers and work with small businesses that fill orders, pack boxes and deal with customer service issues. All subscribers pay a one-time signup fee (usually between $10-$15) and then receive their first box at no cost, which is usually about six months after signing up. If you like what you see in your first box—or if you don't—just let them know before your next charge date arrives. There's no long-term commitment if you don't want there to be!

Great Gifts For Men and Women Alike

Socks are a great way to give a gift without breaking your budget. Every month, for as little as $10, your giftee will receive a fun and unique pair of socks (men and women alike will love them). Here are some ideas for different sock clubs that could fit any taste or budget. And if you're looking for more ideas, just type sock subscription into your favorite search engine—there are dozens more clubs out there. Happy gifting!