Sock Subscriptions: The Gift That Keeps On Giving Sock of the Month Club: The Best Way to Give the Gift of Socks

Sock Subscriptions: The Gift That Keeps On Giving sock of the month Club: The Best Way to Give the Gift of Socks

Our feet are important, and so are our socks! A good pair of socks can help keep your toes warm on the coldest winter days, cushion your feet from too-hard surfaces, and show off your personal style while you’re out on the town or working at the office. If you have someone in your life who loves socks but has always dreamed of having more than one pair (or three), then consider gifting them with a sock subscription. Here are some things to know about sock subscriptions before you give them this gift idea.

#1. Cute Socks

Cute socks are obviously a fantastic gift for any sock lover. Who doesn’t want fun and colourful socks? But there’s another way to give those socks some extra flair. Pick up some cute little pom-poms or sequins and hand-stitch them onto your recipient’s new gift. It will take you only a few minutes and let them know you paid attention when they mentioned their favourite colours/patterns/etc. Plus, it adds that personal touch that every great gift should have! Great examples of these types of clubs can be found here and here . #2.

#2. Quirky, fun socks

A sock subscription is a gift that’s sure to put a smile on your face and keep you warm throughout winter. In 2018, being unique is crucial in order to stand out from the crowd. And what says unique more than wearing socks with dancing sheep on them? You can also go for silly, wacky or simply cheerful designs, ranging from Santa Claus to Christmas-themed patterns. With so many exciting designs available today, you’re sure to find something that’ll put a smile on your friend’s face every time he or she slips them on.

#3. Fashionable socks

For die-hard sock lovers, colorful and fashionable socks are a must-have. There’s a reason that gift boxes usually include at least one pair of socks — because no guy or girl can have too many! For anyone who falls into that category, there are all kinds of subscription services available. These clubs send out a new pair every month with themed patterns and vibrant colors, so your favorite person can stay ahead of current trends. It's also something he or she will actually look forward to receiving every month!

#4. Eco-friendly socks

They’re comfortable, stylish and most importantly, eco-friendly. Because your recipient loves their style and wants to preserve their environment at the same time. Our favorites are from Birkenstock, but there are plenty more. If you’re giving socks as a gift, we recommend putting them in a sock subscription box, like these ones that ship one pair at a time each month. They make great gifts for men or women—all styles (and sizes) welcome! Plus you get to wrap up all twelve pairs at once in December instead of dealing with one at a time over 12 months. It makes gift-giving much easier on everyone involved—and it also gives your lucky recipient something fun and interesting to open every month until Christmas comes around again.

#5. Cozy, comfy socks

If you’re looking for a very particular set of socks, why not sign up your sock-loving friend (or yourself) for a subscription? Companies like Pair of Thieves and Happy Socks offer fun and unique designs—from food socks to sock prints featuring famous paintings. You can even buy socks as gifts for men or women. If you’re thinking about giving a subscription as a gift, make sure that your giftee knows when they’ll be receiving their first shipment so they don’t get disappointed on Christmas morning! Here are some top picks from our members.

#6. Diverse designs

This is one area that can have a major impact on your bottom line. When you use a sock subscription service, you receive a variety of colorful socks that you could never find in one store. If you've ever bought matching socks for you and your partner or parent and child, it's no secret that everyone has different tastes and colors aren't always gender-specific. So there's never been an easier way to give someone what they want than having them choose their own socks! There are so many fun designs out there, whether it's Star WarsTM, Marvel®, Disney®, favorite sports teams like NFL®, NBA® or whatever else floats your boat, I'm sure you'll find something perfect for almost anyone.

#7. Stocking stuffers for her

While you may have a larger gift in mind for your girlfriend, consider adding one or two smaller items to her stocking. You can choose something cute or something useful—it’s completely up to you. Remember, though, that we’re aiming for small gifts here. If your lady loves wine and owns a lot of bottles already, a gift card might be considered too big for a stocking stuffer. But if she doesn’t own many wines yet, then it could be just right! Here are some ideas for fun stocking stuffers

#8. For him, too!

Though women have plenty of options for sock subscription services, there aren’t nearly as many options for men. As someone who receives socks every month, I can confidently say that I own more pairs than most guys (though fewer than my female counterparts), but socks are just one part of a larger problem when it comes to men’s fashion. In fact, only 5% of major brands offer clothing sizes suitable for tall or plus-sized males. Even worse, 38% don’t even sell plus-sized clothing at all! However, if you know a man in your life who has fallen on hard times—or simply needs an upgrade—this is a great way to show him some love and keep his feet looking fresh. #12.

#9. Personalized socks – from love/lust to pet names

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