Sock Subscriptions: The Five Best Ways to Fold Your Socks


You may not want to admit it, but having clean, matching socks can make a big difference in your life. Not only does it feel great to put on matching socks each day, but you’ll also know that you’re wearing something that fits well and looks clean. While there are certainly many ways to get clean socks every month, the most common way by far is with sock subscriptions – monthly deliveries of new pairs of socks sent to you via mail, along with the option to return the other pairs back at no cost to you.


Subscribe to a sock subscription service

Mens purple ankle socks are not just for the office, they can be worn all day long! They're great for lounging around the house, or wearing with a suit on casual Fridays. You can show them off at work and keep your feet warm in the winter. Plus, if you subscribe to a sock subscription service you'll get a bunch of different colors delivered straight to your door every month!


DIY fold your socks using this easy guide

You can make your own sock subscription service by ordering a few pairs of fun socks from ebay and mailing them out on the 15th of every month. You might also want to include a few pairs of men's dress socks in the monthly package. Alternatively, you can place an order for new socks once or twice a year and send them directly to your recipient. If you're looking for a good gift idea, buy some colorful ankle socks at the store and wrap it up with colorful paper.


Use a paper clip holder

Find the best socks for you by taking a look at our curated list of the five best sock subscription services available. With these, you'll be able to find your perfect pair of socks each month and stay on top of your dress sock game.
1.TheMensSockClub - One of the more popular options, this company features some of the most colorful styles on the market. If you're looking for crazy color dress socks or cool mens socks, then this is the company for you! From funky patterns like zigzag stripes to solid colors like navy blue, they've got it all.
2.FunkyChunkySocks - This is a fun option that'll put a smile on your face!


Fold them into your t-shirt drawers

Fold your socks into a drawer and it will look like you have some nice colourful t-shirts! If you don't have that many drawers, try folding them into a sock roll. This is an easy way to store and wear your socks. You can also fold them into pairs and then stack them in the drawer with the toes facing out. This looks cool when you open up the top drawer as it looks like a little rainbow of socks! You could also keep all of your men's colorful socks together in one drawer or on one sock shelf if they are all the same kind. For more fun, you could get a gift sock subscription for someone and present it as a Christmas or birthday present.


Using different containers

There are a few different ways you can fold your socks in order to make them fit nicely in your dresser. These methods include using a shoe box, using ziploc bags, and using containers with compartments. Shoe boxes work well because they are relatively small and they have an opening on the top that allows you to place your socks inside easily. Ziploc bags work well if you have many pairs of socks because you can just drop the bag into your drawer. Containers with compartments will help you organize all of your socks by color or style so that it's easy for you to find what you're looking for every morning when it's time for a new pair!