Sock Subscriptions - The Do's and Don'ts of Finding the Perfect Pair

You love receiving socks as gifts and for every occasion, but when it comes to buying your own socks, it can get tricky. With so many options, from so many brands, how do you find the perfect pair? Whether you want the best socks of the month club or just want to save yourself some time on Amazon, these sock subscription do’s and don’ts will help you find the right subscription box service that will keep your feet happy year round!

Let’s start with what to do

-Pick a company with cool socks. There are tons of companies out there that offer socks as part-of their subscriptions, but you want to make sure you pick one that has a large selection. That way, if you get bored with your current pair, you can trade them out for something new. -Make sure to read reviews. Reviews are essential in any purchase these days, and it’s especially important when it comes to subscriptions services like these. They will help you determine whether or not a company is worth your time and money. -Stay mindful of your budget.

What NOT to do

-Don't get discouraged by sock subscriptions that don't seem like a good fit. If you want to try something new, keep at it! You might find that your subscription service is just what you need.

-Don't let finances stop you from trying out a cool sock subscription. There are plenty of companies that offer discounts for first time subscribers or have special deals for military personnel or students with an ID card.

-Don't be too picky about your feet size or foot shape. Some companies will even customize their subscriptions to meet your needs if they're informed ahead of time.

-Don't only order socks from one company, even if they're great!

3 questions every sock subscription service should answer

1. What are your sock preferences?

2. Are you ok with socks being a surprise every month?

3. How many pairs of cool socks do you need in your life?

How I would implement a sock subscription service

No Show Socks are a must for all seasons, but finding the perfect pair can be tough. We've put together a few guidelines to make it easier for you:

- Know your size - Luckily, No Show socks come in a variety of sizes! Check out our sizing chart to find yours. If you're still not sure, measure around your foot from toe to heel and compare with our sizing chart. You can also take a look at our FAQ page for more info.

- Find your style - No show socks are an easy way to add personality to your outfit with fun patterns or bright colors! We offer men's, women's, and kid styles so everyone in your family is covered.