Sock Subscriptions: The Best Way to Stay Well-Dressed From the Feet Up

Sock Subscriptions: The Best Way to Stay Well-Dressed From the Feet Up

Socks are often neglected in the grand scheme of men’s fashion, but that doesn’t mean they should be! When it comes to socks, you don’t want to settle for plain and boring; you want to make sure that your socks can stand out just as much as your shirt or jacket. Fortunately, there are a number of sock subscription services out there that let you sample new styles with every shipment. This list of the best sock subscriptions will help you find the perfect pair of socks for you, whether it’s comfortable cotton athletic socks or luxurious cashmere blends.

Reason #1 - Time

It takes a long time to shop for socks. It takes even longer if you don’t know what you want. But when you subscribe to a sock service, that problem is solved. You get two pairs of socks delivered every month. It really doesn’t matter what kind of socks you like (except for length; no one wants their pant cuffs dragging on their shoes). When a new pair arrives, simply toss them in your sock drawer and forget about it until next month when another pair shows up. Consider that process part of your time off. Because it shouldn't be spent shopping for something so trivial as socks!

Reason #2 - Cost

As you can see from some of these examples, it's obvious that sock subscriptions are less expensive than buying socks one at a time. For example, Stance Socks will send you three pairs of high quality socks for $30/month, making it so that each pair is about $10. Sure, there are many cheaper things in life, but when it comes to your feet, you really do get what you pay for (no pun intended). There are cheaper sock options out there though - but they're not worth it. If a deal sounds too good to be usually is. Also keep in mind that sometimes these sock subscriptions can make great gifts as well!

Reason #3 - Convenience

In your busy schedule, it’s easy to overlook something as small as getting new socks. Even so, it can still be a major inconvenience if you forget them or are unable to pick some up on your way home. With sock subscriptions, you can ensure that you have fresh pairs of socks at your door every few months or year. Some even offer extra options, like formal socks for special occasions or arch support for those who have foot issues. No matter what kind of socks you like, there’s probably a subscription service out there for you!

Reason #4 - Style

Socks are one of those items you never really think about unless they’re not there. That’s where sock subscriptions come in. Just as a toothbrush subscription delivers a brand new toothbrush on a regular basis, sock subscriptions deliver stylish socks to your door every month. Here’s how it works: each month, your subscription box will include five pairs of socks from different brands and styles. You can pick between three different price points depending on what you can afford and how many pairs of socks you want. Once you pick your plan, simply sit back and relax for 10-14 days until your box arrives at your doorstep. Easy!

Reason #5 - Give yourself socks as a gift!

A perfect gift for you and a great way to get yourself dressed everyday. Some subscription boxes are purely practical, and some are purely stylish. A lot of people go with a subscription box because they're trying to step up their game in terms of dressing nicely, but don't know where to start when it comes down to what clothes actually fit them best. That's why giving yourself socks as a gift might be one of your smartest moves - all you need is one sock subscription and you'll be sure that at least one thing will look good on your feet every day!

5 Fashion Tips on Wearing Socks

Now that we’ve established that socks are an acceptable part of a sophisticated wardrobe, let’s talk about how to wear them. One thing you don’t want is your socks peeking out from under a suit or dress pants. You can wear them with your jeans and dress shoes without being too socky. Tuck them into your trousers so they hug your ankles, but not so tightly as to be uncomfortable.