Sock Subscriptions: The 5 Reasons You Need One

Sock Subscriptions: The 5 Reasons You Need One

You may be asking yourself, Why would I need a sock subscription? I already have socks! And that’s true. Most people think they don’t need socks because they already have enough pairs at home or in their sock drawer, but you’d be surprised at how many sock subscriptions are available and how much they can add to your life. If you’re looking to bring something new into your life, look no further than the amazing benefits of sock subscriptions and you might just find the perfect one for you!

1) No more missed socks

We’ve all been there. You walk into your closet and notice that you’re wearing two different colored socks, despite having gone through your laundry hamper thoroughly yesterday. What happened? Well, if you were lucky enough to find another sock in your hamper that matched—or wore a mismatched pair—you were one of millions of people who missed at least one sock out of every 10 (or 20) pairs they owned. With a sock subscription, you don’t have to worry about matching your socks because each month, or week, or even day (if you can wait that long), a new batch will show up at your door.

2) Reduced risk of lost socks

Socks are often thrown into laundry baskets with all your other clothing, making it easy to lose track of socks. Whether you end up wearing a mismatched pair or giving them away, lost socks add up over time. A sock subscription service reduces that risk by bundling two or three pairs together and sending them right to your door on a schedule. It’s a great way to ensure that there are always socks in your home! (To be honest, we don’t know if they reduce your risk of lost socks—we just really like saying reduced risk of lost socks.)

3) Variety in colors, patterns, and designs

Some people are a little fickle when it comes to their socks. No matter how fashionable or comfortable, not everyone is satisfied with getting new socks that all look exactly alike. When you start your subscription with Philosockphy, you’ll never have to worry about getting bored of your sock wardrobe again. We offer subscriptions for men and women as well as children and there are options for all ages, sizes, and styles so that you can find something you love. From sophisticated plaids to fun animal prints—we’ve got socks for every personality!

4) Support local designers

If you’re a fan of socks, it’s likely that you also appreciate how well they fit. But when you look closely at some of your favorites, do you know why they feel so good? It's because most socks are actually designed by local craftspeople. Though manufacturing socks overseas has become standard practice for brands like Hanes and Fruit of the Loom, American designers have made great strides in perfecting sock design and construction. A single pair of locally-made socks can make all-day wear a breeze as it precisely conforms to every inch of your foot. And since each pair is custom-designed, there’s no need to worry about finding a match if one goes missing. From popular brands like Philosockphy to lesser known labels such as Socksmith, there are plenty of options available for those who want quality over quantity.

5) Most importantly, you save time!

Most people don’t know it, but sock subscriptions save you time. By having multiple pairs of socks automatically shipped to your house on a regular basis, you can spend less time deciding what to wear in the morning and more time doing things that really matter—like watching TV and working out. (Okay, we admit it: waking up early counts as a real thing too.) Never again do you have to wonder whether your choice of socks matches what you have on or what shoes go with them; a subscription does all of that for you. Your life will feel more seamless, natural and comfortable because everything just works together like it should when it comes from Philosockphy . . . whatever that means!