Sock Subscriptions: The 5 Most Expensive Socks in the World

Sock Subscriptions: The 5 Most Expensive Socks in the World

What’s the most practical gift you can give? Some would say socks, but it turns out that socks subscriptions are actually one of the most luxurious gifts you can give to someone who loves luxury items but doesn’t know how to choose them on their own. sock of the month clubs are more popular than ever, and there are tons of great options out there! Here are some of the best sock subscriptions in the world, ranked by price and style.


Italian shoemaker Gucci is famous for its luxury. Its brand red loafers are one of its most popular models; there are currently 70,000 pairs on sale. But it also offers a subscription service called Gucci Premiere that brings subscribers six limited-edition pairs of socks each season—including at least one patterned pair, like polka dots or stripes. For $250 per season, you can purchase socks retailing at between $55 and $75 per pair (and upwards to $3,500). You’ll need to sign up for a minimum of three seasons (about 18 months) to join—though some members have been signing up since 1981!

Saint Laurent

One of France’s top designers, Yves Saint Laurent is known for introducing formal glamour to women’s fashion with his iconic Le Smoking tuxedo suit. Each year, he produces collections featuring feminine silhouettes and bold colors. This pair of hand-knitted wool socks comes in navy and features gold detail along with a signature rose emblem at the top of each sock. A special edition only available at Yves Saint Laurent stores worldwide, these luxury socks sell for $150 per pair. Men can purchase matching blue socks designed by Tom Ford for an additional $135 a pair!


Even if you think you know a lot about fashion, it’s very likely that you have never heard of sock subscriptions before. In fact, even those in the industry can be forgiven for missing out on them, as they are a new concept that has only just been growing recently. Until now, socks were something that most of us bought and only wore when necessary. That all changed when Chanel introduced its sock subscription service. Now instead of wearing cheap, boring socks that don’t match your shoes or suit, you can wear expensive luxury socks by some of fashion’s biggest names and most luxurious brands. From Gucci to Prada to Burberry to Dior and more – these are some of the best socks you could ever own.


In addition to stocking some of today’s most colorful and interesting socks, Sock It to Me also offers one of the coolest sock subscriptions available today. Every three months, you’ll receive a new pair of Lamborghini-themed socks along with a themed quarterly box filled with other surprises. And best of all? It only costs $14/month! If you’re looking for a fun way to add some excitement to your sock collection, look no further than Sock It To Me.


In 2016, Dior launched its first sock subscription service, Dior VIP Club. For about $350 a year, customers can subscribe to receive two pairs of socks customized to their needs, including color and heel height. Plus, VIP club members get access to a personal shopper who takes their measurements and selects styles from Dior’s current season line. At $350 for two pairs of socks per year, it’s not exactly cheap; however for luxury brand fanatics who have money to burn it might be a nice treat! If you’re really into your clothing (or know someone who is) then maybe a sock subscription could be an interesting gift idea. There are loads of options available online too if you want to choose without subscribing yourself!