Sock Subscriptions: How to Pick the Perfect Pair for You

Sock Subscriptions: How to Pick the Perfect Pair for You

Your socks are an extension of your personality. They say something about you, both as an individual and as part of the big picture in your life (i.e., what other subscription boxes you order). Whether you prefer bright colors or sophisticated neutrals, there’s a perfect pair of socks out there just waiting to be discovered. If you don’t already subscribe to a sock of the month club, here’s everything you need to know before choosing the perfect option for you!

Understanding Signature Ties

There’s a fine line between showing off your personality and living in something of a personality vacuum. Take Philosophy Socks, for example—these are colorful, quirky options that allow you to show a bit of your own personal Philosockphy. The socks were created by two New York-based brothers who were frustrated by their inability to find quality socks (and fashionable designs) that weren’t sold at department stores or lower-end retailers. From there, they set out on an ambitious mission: To make super soft, stylish socks that feature interesting designs—and they nailed it!

The Importance of Accessories

Every man has a pair of socks that he simply doesn’t want to be seen in. The difference between men and women is that we tend to have one or two pairs, not dozens, and we might even wear them if they match an outfit perfectly. Just because you should dress like a grown-up doesn’t mean you have stop having fun with your accessories; there are more out there than just boring old socks. A statement tie can instantly change your look and make you feel more sophisticated at work. Plus, it will make you feel good about yourself, which is part of looking good and feeling great in what you wear.

When Do I Wear A Suit?

It’s important that you take into account your own personal philosophy when deciding what tie colors and patterns are best for you. For example, if you really want to wear a certain colored tie with a pattern but feel like it’s too much or not enough, there are three options available to you. First, buy two ties in both colors—it’s a more affordable option than buying just one of each. Second, visit an optical shop and have lenses implanted in your glasses that distort colors in such a way that will make colors either appear more vibrant or duller—depending on your preference.

How to wear a tie with jeans?

First, pick a tie that doesn’t match your jeans. This is because you’re not trying to blend in—you want people to look at your pants. Next, choose a wide tie and make sure it’s worn right on top of your belt buckle so that it meets your waistline. Then just add a blazer or sport coat over all of it and you're good to go! For advice on how wear other types of ties (such as with shorts) check out our comprehensive guide. Or find another answer here if we didn't cover what you wanted.

Groom Yourself Wisely

A new wardrobe for your feet is only as valuable as its compatibility with your existing items. If you’re looking to complement what you already own, think about tying into a theme that’s present throughout your closet—whether it’s muted color schemes or an assortment of patterns—and then seek out socks that continue that visual motif. It will be so much easier (and cheaper) in the long run than trying different styles each month, one at a time. When it comes down to it, style is all about efficiency and making sure that when you get dressed in the morning, you look sharp from head-to-toe.

5 Best Ways To Care For A Tie

While people may argue that it's not important to take care of a tie, that's Philosockphy. If you have a fine tie (or several), it's essential that you know how best to care for it. Here are 5 great ways to make sure your ties are looking as good as they can.

10 Rules To Follow When Choosing A Tie

There’s nothing like an expert opinion. And at Socks, we’re experts in a variety of ties and socks, so here are ten rules you should follow when choosing your tie and picking out a new pair of socks! 1. Ask yourself what message you want to send - To start, it’s important that you think about what message you want your sock or tie to convey. Let's say you have a brand new job as an assistant manager in a tech firm - is it time for something with subtle design or something that says I'm here and I mean business? Perhaps something more playful or fun? 2.