Sock Subscriptions for the Wedding-Obsessed

Sock Subscriptions for the Wedding-Obsessed

What could be better than getting a new pair of socks in the mail each month? Getting the perfect pair of socks delivered to your door each month that are exclusively designed to match your personality, style, and wedding-themed needs! Here’s why you’ll love these sock subscriptions if you’re a wedding-obsessed bride-to-be!

Getting Ready

Socks are an accessory that often gets overlooked, but they can also be one of a kind. For those who love their clothing and accessories to match (especially when it comes to their wedding day), we’ve found several options for getting your foot wear in order. Whether you need socks just for yourself or you want to start a subscription service where friends and family get together every month to put together unique sock pairs, Philosockphy has some fun ideas for formal fashion accessories that no one else will have on their feet. Keep in mind that not everyone wants matching clothing—but if you do, getting married is probably not a good time to break out your inner peacemaker!

The Big Day

It's an exciting time, and you want everything to be perfect. That includes your outfit, hair and makeup, food, decorations... but what about your socks? Don't underestimate how important they are; after all, in most cases you're looking at them for hours on end! Philosockphy’s handcrafted socks were made with comfort in mind. High quality fabrics make sure that you never have to worry about your feet getting all tingly or sweaty—and that your stockings stay up all night long. What’s more, each pair is handmade to order with personalized details like colors and patterns. We work closely with our customers from start to finish so there are no questions left unanswered. Interested? Find out more about Philosockphy today!

Staying in Love

You may have heard that you should give your socks away once a year. While it’s good advice, it doesn’t exactly mean what you think. It’s not about giving up on your favorite pair of socks because they’re worn out or have holes in them; instead, it’s about being in love with your partner and realizing that sometimes they need to be reminded of that love—and what better way than a gift of new socks!