Sock Subscriptions for the Lazy Person

Sock Subscriptions for the Lazy Person

What do you get the person who has everything? Socks, of course! Sock subscriptions are great because they give you a way to send something fun and useful to someone special on a regular basis without breaking the bank (or breaking their toes!). Check out this list of sock subscriptions for your favorite lazy person!

What is a sock subscription?

A sock subscription is a service in which you sign up to have fun, cute, colorful socks delivered to your door once or twice a month. The main idea is that you don’t have to go out and buy them yourself anymore, so it takes away one less thing from your already full schedule. I’m guilty of just throwing on my oldest pair of free-hanging socks when I get home because it’s too much effort to go through my drawers every night. Now I can throw on a pair of my favorite cat socks and not worry about whether they match with anything else in my wardrobe. It saves me time AND gives me an excuse to wear something interesting everyday!

Why get a sock subscription?

Socks are one of those things that people tend to take for granted. Nobody ever thinks about socks, yet we’re always wearing them and probably have a few spare pairs in our drawers (except if you’re really dedicated to your color coordination, but we won’t judge). For some people, socks are just another item on their clothing list, but they don’t stop to consider what it would be like if they could choose which socks they wanted and get a new pair every month or so. That brings us to sock subscriptions.

Reasons socks are awesome

Even if you’re not a huge fan of socks, they actually serve a very important purpose. You see, your feet are constantly working. They bear your weight and are responsible for propelling you forward with every step you take. So, when it comes to staying healthy, taking care of your feet is just as important as watching what you eat and exercising regularly. Keeping them warm and dry may not seem like an arduous task at first glance but I can tell you from experience that it takes quite a bit of work to do so properly.

Our top 4 sock subscriptions

It’s actually quite difficult to find fun and interesting socks in normal stores, with so many brands opting to go with a more boring design. Fortunately, there are now a ton of subscription box services that will take care of your sock needs. Why not let someone else pick out something you love? We put together a quick list of our favorite sock subscription services: Sock Panda: Socks in unusual patterns and bright colors.

How to find your perfect pair of socks

Socks are a clothing item that most people take for granted, and don’t give a second thought to. They are just socks; they cover your feet, keep them warm and dry – but that’s about it. But what if you could have socks with bright colours? Or maybe even smiley faces on them? Would you be proud of these funky looking socks? You might think so now – but trust me, once they get dirty and start to fade – you won’t be proud of them anymore. That is why we have created an online sock subscription service, where every month our customers get a new pair of colourful socks delivered straight to their door. This will ensure everyone has great looking socks all year round!