Sock Subscriptions - A Solution to Your Cold Feet Woes!

Sock Subscriptions - A Solution to Your Cold Feet Woes!

How many times have you left the house in the morning, only to find that your feet are cold? Or maybe your feet are hot and you’re looking for socks to keep them warm during the winter season? Whatever the case may be, sock subscriptions can provide you with the perfect solution!


Layer. Layering is your best friend. It doesn’t matter if you are going from a warm house to a freezing office or venturing out into 20-degree weather, layers will keep you warmer longer. Don’t underestimate how layering can keep you warm. Top that with a beanie and some good socks, and you’ll be surprised at how much of a difference it makes in your day-to-day activities.


When you’re standing on a cold, hard surface for hours every day, it can be difficult to stay warm. Thankfully, there’s an easy solution: insoles! Insoles for your shoes are designed specifically for keeping your feet warm. They work by providing a layer of cushion between your foot and hard surfaces like concrete and tile. Depending on how much insulation you need, you can either add more insoles or swap out your regular ones for winter versions—and insoles can go in all kinds of shoes from sandals to flats, not just boots and sneakers.

Moisture wicking socks

Cushioned socks

For a more active type of sock that is both comfortable and soft, you can’t go wrong with cushioned socks. Just remember to look for styles that are full length or over-the-calf (not crew cut), as well as ones that aren’t too thick. Thick, cushiony socks may make your feet sweat—and nobody wants sweaty socks in cold weather.

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