Sock Subscription: The 5 Tips You Need to Know for the Perfect Fit

sock subscription: The 5 Tips You Need to Know for the Perfect Fit

If you’re an online shopper, chances are you’ve seen some of the sock subscription services that have been popping up over the past few years. There’s Sock It to Me, Stance, and Bombas, among many others, each of them promising customers the best socks they can buy—and each of them promising the same thing: monthly shipments of the softest and most comfortable socks on earth! It all sounds very enticing, but how do you know which service to choose?


1) How To Choose (Your Socks)

Choosing the right socks can be a difficult task. Whether you're buying them as a gift, or buying them for yourself, it's important to know what you want in order to make sure they fit your needs. If you're looking for fun socks, we recommend ankle socks and dress socks. For cool socks, get colorful crew socks or crazy color dress socks.
1) What are your sock needs? - Ankle sock or Dress sock? - Fun colorful crew sock or Crazy color dress sock?
2) Do you have an aversion to patterns? - Fun men's ankle socks or fun dress socks with crazy colors and patterns?
3) What style do you prefer on your feet?


2) How Often to Replace Them

1. It varies with your activity level and lifestyle
2. Athletic socks are worn out faster than dress socks, but both can last two years before being replaced
3. Colorful ones will wear out more quickly because they're more exposed to friction caused by rubbing
4. When you notice that your socks have holes in them or the elastic is loose, it's time to replace them
5. Black or dark colored ones should be replaced sooner because they are exposed to stains more often and get noticeably dirty faster than other colors
6. Whatever color sock you choose, make sure they're comfortable; otherwise you'll end up tossing them in a few weeks anyway


3) Where To Buy Them

The best place to buy socks is from a sock subscription. There are many great subscriptions out there that will take care of all of your sock needs, and often will give you a discount on your first month. One such company is the Sock Fits Club. Socks Fits Club has an excellent selection of brands, styles and colours, and their prices are competitive with other similar subscriptions. They also have free shipping in North America, which is an added bonus!


4) What To Do When They Get Dirty

When it comes to socks, we all know that they get dirty. That’s why you need a good sock subscription that sends you new pairs every month! Socks are a great gift too. You can buy them for your friends and family as stocking stuffers or as part of their birthday presents. Here are some tips on how to make sure you get the perfect fit every time.


5) How To Wash Them

We recommend washing your socks about once a week. To do this, start by filling up a small sink with cold water, then add a small amount of gentle soap. Swirl them around gently in the water and let them soak for about 10 minutes. Next, rinse each sock thoroughly under running water until all soap is gone. Finally, lay them flat on a towel and air dry!