Sock Subscription of the Month: Why You Should Start One Now

sock subscription services have exploded in popularity recently, and with good reason! A sock subscription is the perfect gift idea because it’s something that your giftee will use every single month. Plus, they’ll always be excited to get their next pair of cool socks when they open their mailbox or front door every month! In fact, you can set up your sock subscription so that the sock senders will even deliver right to their doorstep so they don’t even have to worry about going out to pick them up.

What it is

A sock subscription is a monthly subscription that sends you cool socks every month. It's a great way to add some excitement to your morning. Plus, it's easy to do! Just sign up for one, and then sit back and relax until your package arrives at your doorstep in about six weeks. Depending on what you sign up for, there are different types of subscriptions that are available. Some subscriptions send you two pairs of socks every month or four pairs every quarter. If you don't want any surprises, there is also an option where they will send you three surprise pairs each month, but they'll all be from a single brand so that you can build up a nice collection over time.

How to do it

Benefits of starting a sock subscription

Resources to find great socks