Sock Subscription of the Month: Why You Should Give Up Sex and Devote Your Life to Cute Socks

How does a sock subscription service work? Every month, you’ll receive three pairs of socks delivered to your doorstep, and these socks are going to be really cute! No more scouring through crowded stores, fighting over parking spots at the mall, or waiting in line for your chance at that pair of high-quality dress socks you’ve had your eye on. Just sit back and enjoy a brand new pair of socks every month, delivered right to your door—and all this can be yours with just one simple click!

What is a sock subscription?

A sock subscription service is a great way for men, women, or even kids to get new socks delivered monthly. These services are often affordable and come in many different styles so you can find exactly what you're looking for. They also give you access to some really cool socks that you might never see in your local stores. One of our favorite sock subscriptions is Club Sock It To Me. They offer high-quality, fun socks for all sorts of occasions like birthday gift ideas, holiday presents, or just because! Plus, they have a ton of other goodies if you like that type of thing too!

The benefits of monthly socks

There are tons of benefits for getting a sock subscription. First, you get to wear new socks every month without ever having to go shopping again. Second, when you subscribe you get your first month's socks for free. Third, each month they send you a new pair of socks that is customized just for your taste in colors! Fourth, if it is cold outside they have some really warm pairs perfect for winter time. Fifth, they have a gift option where they will send your friend or family member a monthly sock subscription as a gift. Sixth, there are fun ones like crazy color dress socks or cool ankle socks (see pictures below). Seventh and finally, it can be an awesome stocking stuffer idea this holiday season!

How much does it cost?

Pricing is simple, as you can choose between two levels of subscriptions. The first level is a monthly subscription for $10/month or $120/year. For those with a little more disposable income, it's possible to subscribe on an annual basis at $12/month or $144/year. A cool feature about this company is that if you spend more than $150 on any given month, shipping is free for that month!

Where do you go from here?

The world is full of socks. There are so many socks for you to buy, that it's hard to keep track. Where do you go from here? Well, I am here to help you find your way. From mens colorful socks, mens ankle socks, gift socks or fun dress socks- we have it all. Our sock subscription is perfect for guys who love cool socks, fun men's ankle socks or colorful ankle boots. Or maybe you're looking for a great present idea- why not get your favorite guy a sock subscription? No matter what kind of manly man you are, we've got your needs covered when it comes to awesome and cool socks for men! We also offer a gift card option in case none of our subscriptions suit your needs.