Sock Subscription of the Month: What Your Tie Says About You, According to Socks

sock subscription of the Month: What Your Tie Says About You, According to Socks

Let’s face it – socks can be boring, but with the sock of the month Club from Socks & Underthings, it’s all about the subtext! When you start your subscription, you can choose from three unique sock clubs – the Standard (4 pairs per shipment), the Premium (6 pairs per shipment), or the Elite (8 pairs per shipment). But that’s not all!


The Power of the First Impression

As much as we would like it not to be true, first impressions matter. This is why many people take care in their appearance before going out – they know that looking good increases the chance that they will make a great impression. Women often put on makeup and straighten their hair while men groom themselves by shaving. One way you can use this knowledge to your advantage is by wearing colorful socks with your suit when you meet with potential clients or investors. People notice and appreciate colorful socks because they say a lot about who you are as a person. The next time you go into an important meeting consider pairing your suit with some funky colorful socks from awesome socks club!


The Psychology of Color

Color can have an impact on your mood and how you feel about yourself. If you are in a bad mood, wearing a bright color might help lighten your spirits. Conversely, if you are feeling sad or lonely in your life, wearing darker colors might make you feel more confident and secure. In our opinion, there is no color that won't look good on anyone! So with that said here's a list of some great color combinations for any outfit.
-Neutral colors such as black or grey can go with any other color without clashing! Pair this with navy blue dress socks for a classic look! -If you're looking for something more playful then try reds, oranges and yellows.


The Symbolic Meaning of Patterns

Patterns on socks can also be a form of expression. For example, you might be wearing a pink tie and think that it might say something about your personality. Is it a strong or subtle statement? Similarly with socks, patterns on your feet can say something about your personality. If you're in an awesome socks club like sock subscription of the Month then you'll have access to all sorts of fun patterned socks that are just as unique as you are!


The Impact of Texture

Men's socks are often either short and thin or ankle-length. If you're looking for a few more options in the middle, it might be worth checking out these colorful socks from fun socks for men. The crew socks come in a variety of colors including purple, blue and green. They're made with a cotton/nylon blend for durability and comfort. In addition to wearing these for business attire, they can also be worn casually when going about your day!


The Role of Fit

What's your personality type? The fit of your socks can say a lot about you, according to socks! Find out what type of person you are by choosing your favorite color and style.
1) Men's Dress Socks: If you're wearing dress socks with a suit, you're a business professional who cares about how they look. As an introvert and an individualist, you need time for yourself or this will make you feel too drained. Try pairing these with formal shoes so that your outfit is complete.
2) Fun Men's ankle socks: ankle socks are much more casual than dress socks and let others know that you're comfortable in who you are as well as what other people think.