Sock Subscription of the Month: What Your Tie Says About You, According to Socks

sock subscription of the Month: What Your Tie Says About You, According to Socks

You’re in the shower when you have one of those flash moments that change your life forever. What if, you think, instead of using one sock per day, I could have an entire drawer filled with different socks that I could wear every day? And then you realize that this idea isn’t new at all—in fact, it has already been done. You can now subscribe to different kinds of socks from a variety of brands delivered to your door so you don’t have to worry about running out ever again!

How your socks can tell you a lot about yourself

The way you tie your tie says a lot about who you are. And what does it say about you if you're wearing cool socks? For starters, I would say that your socks are probably one of the most important pieces in your wardrobe. When it comes to fashion and style, your socks can tell people what kind of personality you have - from being playful and laid back to serious and formal. Basically, there's a sock for every occasion!

Converse All Stars

Tying a tie is a rite of passage. One that you can't escape. It's important to remember that there's more than one way to go about it. Plus, there's no need for your tie knot to be too tight or too loose. As long as it fits correctly and is symmetrical on both sides, you're good!

But what does your tie say about you? We've got some ideas.

- If you like cool socks and trendy ties, then we have a few options just for you!

Athletic Wear

Running is a great way to work on your physical fitness. It's also an opportunity for you to show off your cool socks. These socks come in all sorts of designs and colors. From basic black athletic socks, to fun animal prints and patterned designs, these cool socks will make any run more enjoyable!

Dress Shoes

Every day is a new opportunity to make a statement. Sometimes it's intentional and planned out. Sometimes it just happens. When you wear something new with an old favorite, you're communicating that you like change but can't let go of tradition. It might seem contradictory, but it's not. You like what's different and comfortable but what feels familiar too. This type of person would be drawn to something like our Dress Shoes subscription - they want someone else to do the hard work for them and send them a fresh pair of shoes every month without breaking the bank!

Smart Casual wear

The socks you wear can say a lot about your personality and style. If you're wearing a tie or dress shirt, the socks you select should be in line with that formal attire. Here are some smart casual combinations we like for when dressing up isn't necessary but your outfit could use a bit of polish.

-Blue Dress Shirt + Navy Blue Knit Crew Socks

-White Dress Shirt + Brown Sweater + Brown Striped Patterned Crew Socks