Sock Subscription of the Month: What Do Your Socks Say About You?


Do your socks need help? Maybe they aren’t getting the love they deserve? If you’re looking to give your sock wardrobe an upgrade, look no further than sock of the month, the sock subscription service that will make you as stylish as your feet feel! Here are some of our favorite features about this awesome service.


How To Decide On A Sock Box

Choosing a sock box can be a difficult decision. The first thing to consider is how many pairs you want to receive each month - this will usually be between 2-6 pairs. If you want a mix of dress socks, fun socks and crazy socks then we suggest choosing 3 pairs per month so that it's guaranteed you'll get some variety. We also offer one pair or two pairs per month if you're really only looking for one type of sock. Another consideration is your foot size - if you have large feet, then a 6 pair box will probably be enough for your needs, but if you have smaller feet then choose a 2 or 3 pair box because those sizes are more likely to fit your feet better.


How To Decide Between Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Plans

The best sock subscription for you will depend on how often you wear new socks. If you like to wear new socks every day, then a monthly plan might be best for you. But if you like wearing new socks about once a week, then quarterly might work better. The annual plan may work if you want to just get it over with, or if your budget is tight this month and you don't want to spend too much money.


3 Pairs Per Month Option

Get three pairs of socks delivered to your door every month.
- crazy color dress socks. - Fun men's ankle socks. - cool mens socks.


6 Pairs Per Quarter Option

Want a monthly dose of awesome socks delivered to your door, but don't want to commit to a full year? Try one of our 6 Pairs Per Quarter options. Our sock subscriptions will keep you stocked up with fresh, fun socks for men every 3 months. With two different length options, you'll get either 3 pairs or 6 pairs per quarter depending on which best suits your needs. The best part about these sock subscriptions is that you can cancel them at any time!


12 Pairs Per Year Option

If you're looking for a monthly sock subscription to keep your feet warm and happy, this is it. It offers cool socks for men and awesome socks club, perfect for any guy in your life. The best part is that you get 12 new pairs per year--one each month! That's a lot of socks!