Sock Subscription of the Month: The Perfect Corporate Gift for Employees

sock subscription of the Month: The Perfect Corporate Gift for Employees

Socks are the unsung hero of the wardrobe. They don’t get as much love as pants, dresses, and shoes but they serve an important purpose: keeping your feet warm and cozy in any weather condition. sock subscription services, like sock of the month, send you one new pair of socks every month so that your sock drawer remains fresh and up to date with current sock trends. These subscriptions are great corporate gifts for employees that are easy on your wallet while showing off your creativity as a business owner.


What is a sock subscription?

A sock subscription is a monthly package that sends you a pair of socks in the mail. You can get your own and keep it forever, or give it as a gift to someone else. You're sure to find something from our list of crazy socks, ankle socks, awesome socks club, best crew socks, best sock of the month club, best sock subscription, colorful ankle socks, colorful socks, colorful socks for men, cool mens socks, cool socks for men, crazy color dress socks or fun dress socks.


How can sock subscriptions be used as corporate gifts?

The perfect way to say thank you to those who have helped you achieve your company's goals is with a sock subscription of the Month. A sock subscription provides so many benefits, including being an unusual gift (most people don't wear socks as gifts) and being a way to give something that people will actually use. Plus, it's inexpensive and easy to set up; all you need is their shoe size.
If you want to give your employees a sock subscription of the Month as a corporate gift, there are plenty of options--there are crazy socks, best crew socks, best sock of the month club and more! Additionally, there are fun men's ankle socks and colorful mens ankle socks that would be perfect for any man in your office.


What are some benefits of giving sock subscriptions as corporate gifts?

Whether you're looking to give a gift that's fun, stylish and affordable - sock subscriptions are the perfect gift. With five pairs of socks coming in each shipment, you're bound to find something your employees will love. And every month there's a new selection of brightly colored socks that come in both ankle and crew styles. You can't beat this as an employee gift!
1) sock subscriptions are an affordable way to show your appreciation - They're easy on your budget with prices starting at $14 per month. 2) It's a great way to keep employees feeling engaged - By giving them something they enjoy, it gets them excited about coming into work which helps create a positive office environment.


How can you choose the right sock subscription for your employees?

There are many sock subscriptions available, but you may not know which one is best suited to your employees. One way to find a great sock subscription is by searching cool socks on Pinterest and looking at some of the pins. That should give you some ideas. Once you've found a few that you like, do an internet search to compare all aspects of each sock subscription: cost, delivery options, and types of socks included in the gift box.
The Cool Socks Club offers monthly deliveries with 3-4 pairs per box ($30 per month). They offer two different styles that change monthly - classic or crazy socks - and guarantee one pair will be appropriate for any occasion.