Sock Subscription of the Month: Should You Tumble Dry Your Socks in the Dryer or on the Clothesline?


Do you know what to do with your socks after you take them off in the evening? It’s an interesting question, but if you’re like most people, you probably don’t pay much attention to where your socks end up at the end of the day. That might change, however, once you discover sock subscription services like those offered by Sock Drawer and Sock Club – and it definitely will change once you get your first pair of socks straight from the dryer or taken fresh out of your clothesline.


History of Drying

The history of drying socks is a long one. In ancient times, people would spread their washed clothes out to dry them naturally. But with the advent of electricity and gas to power machines, laundry became easier than ever before. Machines started popping up everywhere and were soon used for washing, too. That's when things got interesting! When you put socks into a machine wash, they get tangled up with other clothes and can be damaged by rubbing against each other. This leads many people to tumble dry their socks in order to avoid this problem.


Benefits of Drying

Do you know what to do with your socks after they come out of the dry, wet wash cycle? There are many different methods for drying them, and each has its benefits. The most common method is tumble-drying your socks in a machine. This will take less time than air-drying and is great if you need to wear those socks right away. Air-drying your socks will give them a fresher smell and can also help with allergies since it reduces allergens like dust mites. If you're looking for more information about how to care for your clothes and keep them smelling fresh, check out our info articles!


How to Dry

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If you want your favorite pair of socks to last longer, tumble dry them after every wash. This will help keep them fluffy and vibrant. If you can't bear not wearing your favorite pair right away, air dry them instead. Once they're almost dry, put them in the dryer until they are fully dried.


Pros and Cons

Trying to figure out how to keep your socks from smelling bad can be a daunting task. However, there are benefits and drawbacks to both tumble drying your socks and hanging them up. If you're looking for a way to keep your whites white, then you'll need to consider which method is best for you. The pros and cons of each will help determine which one is right for you.