Sock Subscription of the Month: One of a Kind Socks for Weddings


The best way to dress up your wedding outfit from head to toe is with unique accessories that have your own personal flair. For men, this can include an interesting tie or an outstanding pocket square; but women, who usually wear dresses on their big day, don’t always have an easy way to accessorize. Fortunately, sock of the month Club has designed a special sock subscription of the Month just for weddings and other special events, so that you’ll never have an un-styled foot again!


Why do you need unique socks?

A sock subscription is an easy way to get your feet into something new, whether you're looking for a gift or want to spice up your footwear collection. Gone are the days when you can only find socks in two color options (white and black). We offer socks in every color imaginable, from bright pinks and blues, to funky oranges and greens. And if you can't find what you're looking for in our ever-changing sock collection, we also carry dressy dress socks, crazy color dress socks, cool socks for men and more! With this monthly subscription service, all of your favorite menswear problems are solved. All you need to do is sign up and enjoy wearing some of the best crew socks around!


How is this different from other sock subscriptions?

Most sock subscriptions offer boring, one-size-fits-all socks. Our sock subscription is different. Every month, you'll get five pairs of one-of-a kind socks that are perfect to wear with your favorite shoes or boots and will stand out at work or on casual Friday. What's more, our monthly shipment will also include some wild ankle socks that are guaranteed to make you smile!


What are these one-of-a-kind designs?

The best sock subscription is here. You will receive one new pair of socks each month and every pair is a one-of-a-kind design that you'll love to wear. The mens purple ankle socks are fun and can be used as an everyday accessory.
The mens colorful socks are perfect for wearing with your favorite dress shoes or even sneakers.
The mens colorful socks are perfect for wearing with your favorite dress shoes or even sneakers. Not only that, but you can also get matching onesies from our gift shop!
These cool men's ankle socks come in all sorts of colors, so there's something for everyone!
This fun men's ankle socks will show off your personality and make you stand out in the crowd.


Why get married in the winter? (and what to wear)

The month of December is usually thought to be one of the most popular months for weddings. With its festive decorations, cozy sweaters, and snowfall, it may seem like December is an odd month to get married. But there are many advantages to getting married during this time of year. Why not give yourself an excuse to bundle up in a cute sweater on your big day?