Sock Subscription of the Month: How to match your socks with a tie


How do you go about choosing which socks to wear with your suit? Do you wear the same colored socks every day? Is there an easy way to make sure that I don’t pick socks that clash with the tie I’m wearing? If you are stumped by these questions, never fear! This month’s sock subscription of the month will be one that provides you with two pairs of stylish and professionally-colored socks, every single month. You can easily match them up with any tie or shirt color you want, ensuring that you don’t make a fashion faux pas ever again!


Step 1. Choose Your Tie

Choose Your Tie Choose from our selection of colorful ties. We have different styles and sizes for any man's style! Decide whether you want a classic preppy look or something more fun like crazy color dress socks. If you're feeling more flashy, we have some awesome socks club that come in different designs, patterns and colors. Choose Your Socks There are many types of socks on offer at Sock Club - depending on what look you're going for! For example, if you want something more formal, we recommend our awesome crew sock that fits nicely under any shoe. Get The Perfect Match To get the perfect match, first decide what shoes you will be wearing and then choose your tie and shirt color accordingly.


Step 2. Pick Your Socks

How about an ankle sock subscription? This is perfect for those who want to stand out in the crowd. Choose from a variety of different colors, patterns and styles and keep them coming month after month. With this service you will get two pairs of socks every month. What's even better is that you can choose whether or not you would like them in low, mid-calf or high-ankle lengths. The possibilities are endless!


Step 3. Style your look

* Choose the Right Colour Socks *
It's important to start by choosing the colour that matches your suit. You don't want to be wearing blue striped dress socks and brown shoes, for instance. Stick with one colour for all four items (suit, shirt, tie and shoes) if you can. Or mix it up if you have a crazy sock collection that you love but are trying not to wear every day.
* Consider Your Mood *
If you're feeling daring or playful, then go ahead and wear purple ankle socks and an orange-striped shirt; just make sure that you're also in a good mood so that people don't think you're being weird on purpose.