Sock Subscription of the Month: Five Ways to Fold Your Socks

How many times have you asked yourself, How do I best fold my socks? In today’s world, we live with an abundance of choices, but none may be more important than this one! We’ve selected the very best sock subscription services on the market so that you never have to worry about neatly folding your socks again! Check out the five best ways to fold your socks below and find the one that works best for you.

Roll it

Folding socks might seem like a menial task, but for many it's a chore that is often dreaded. However, folding socks doesn't have to be tedious if you try one of these five different methods.

1. Philosockphy- This technique is best for those who tend to wear either one type or color of sock. Pick up your sock and turn it inside out so that the toe is at the top then roll it down as tightly as you can until you reach where the heel begins. Tuck in any excess fabric and pat yourself on the back because your job here is done!

Bunch it

Do you ever find yourself with a pile of unfolded and unruly socks? It's time for a new sock subscription. Join Philosockphy, a sock subscription service that will help you get ahead in life. Philosockphy does all the work for you, and you get an awesome package every month with five pairs of clean socks that are folded neatly into little squares! The best part is that they will send them to your doorstep every month and all you have to do is enjoy fresh socks.

Flip it

For most people, folding socks is a task that's often skipped in favor of shoving them into drawers. But there are many different ways to fold your socks and each one provides a different level of organization. Here are five great ways you can fold your socks and we'll let you decide which one is best for you!

- The Over-Under Method - Start by grabbing two pairs of socks from the top drawer. Grab the first sock from one pair and pull it over so it's on top of the second sock from that same pair. Now grab a third sock from another pair and put it under both top layers so that it creates an over effect with the first two pairs. Repeat this process with four more pairs until all 8 socks have been folded.

Pat it down

The first time you fold your socks, it is often the most difficult. It can take some trial and error before you get into a groove with it. Here are five ways that will help make it easier for you.

1. Put your socks on one at a time and then fold them in half lengthwise.

Pin it up

Socks are the most important part of any wardrobe, but they're often neglected until we are in desperate need. These five different ways to fold your socks will make it easy for you to find them and keep them clean. If you think these ideas seem weird, just try one out! It might be exactly what you need.

1) Bird Nest - The first way is a bird's nest. This is an excellent way if you have a lot of socks that are all similar in color or style because it will make them easier to find. Just stack your socks on top of each other with the toe-side up, then fold over and repeat until there's only one loop left on top, then tie off with a piece of elastic or ribbon.