Sock Subscription of the Month: Five Great Ways to Fold Your Socks


For those of you who are looking for new and exciting ways to fold your socks, there’s no need to look any further. sock subscription of the month wants to provide you with the best way to organize and store your socks, making sure that you have the perfect pair when you need it! Here are five great ways to fold your socks with our monthly sock subscription service!


The first thing you need

The second thing you need is a place to keep them. Whether it's a dresser drawer or a sock drawer in your closet, make sure it has enough room for all your new socks! The third thing you'll need is somewhere to put them when they get dirty - throw away or wash? This one depends on how often (or not) they get dirty and how much space you have.


Step 1. Take it all off

Fold your socks in this order from longest to shortest. Start with your dress socks and finish with your ankle socks.
1) Take all the socks off your feet and put them in a pile on a clean surface. 2) Grab the first sock and fold it lengthwise, so that you have two halves that meet at the center. 3) Take one half, fold it over so that it's completely inside out, then bring the other half over it to cover it up again. 4) Grab both halves together and fold them lengthwise into thirds, so that you have six sections on each sock. 5) Fold one section back onto itself and then repeat with another until they're all folded back.


Step 2. Form a cylinder

There are five different ways you can fold your socks.
1) The first way is the Basic and Simple Fold. Start by laying one end over the other with one in front and one behind it. 2) Lay both ends on top of each other, so that they're aligned at a diagonal angle. 3) Next, bend them into a semicircle shape so that they look like little boats sitting on a dock. 4) Now, tie them together in a knot or bow! 5) The second way is called The Tube. Start by laying one sock down lengthwise with its shorter side facing you and its longer side facing away from you.


Step 3. Roll that baby up

Fold your socks! It's a simple way to keep your laundry neat, organized and ready for when you need it. Plus, there are so many different ways you can fold them and they're all pretty cool. Check out these five great ways to fold your socks from mens dress socks and crazy color dress socks to funky mens ankle socks and cool mens socks. You'll be more than ready for whatever comes next in your day with these great ideas.


Step 4. Get some pizazz with your fold

Whether you are a sock lover, or just have a small family, this is a great way to fold your socks and keep them in an organized fashion. A sock subscription is a great gift idea and includes many different types of socks. You can even get fun dress socks for men as well as funky cool men's ankle socks that are perfect for summertime! If you want something cool and trendy, this is the best sock subscription club out there!