Sock Subscription of the Month: Five Great Ways to Fold Your Socks


Using the same old sock-folding technique every day can get boring fast, so why not try something new? When you subscribe to this">sock of the month program, your life will change forever and not just in how you fold your socks. The socks that come with your subscription won’t only be fun to wear, but will also come with their own special folding method each month to keep things interesting.

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The Batch Fold

To start, take a pair of socks and put one on your right hand and one on your left. Next, fold the top of each sock over to the opposite hand. Then, fold both pairs over again so that they are perpendicular to your hands. Grab both socks with one hand so that you have a matched set in front of you. Now, lay them down flat (with all four corners touching) and use your other hand from behind to pull up from underneath and tuck them in. Finish by adjusting any stray ends around so they are tucked securely into place.

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The Italian Laundry

Traditional style, modern convenience. The Italian Laundry's socks are made from a blend of cotton and nylon for optimal comfort and durability. They're also knitted in Italy by expert craftsmen for a perfect fit. The Italian Laundry's">sock subscription, packaged with two pairs per month, is the perfect gift for yourself or your friends and family. It includes all-occasion socks that can be dressed up or down - from dress socks to crazy color dress socks - as well as cool mens socks and ankle socks in fun patterns, colors and prints. With monthly deliveries of new designs, it's easy to stay on top fashion trends while also having a reliable supply of fresh pairs arriving at your doorstep every month!

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The Fly-Fold

First, lay your socks out flat on a surface. Next, fold one sock in half so that the toe is touching the heel. Then, tuck this first sock into itself so that it forms a small bundle. Take your second sock and fold it in half as well, but don't tuck it into itself! Tug on both ends of this second sock until you've created an opening large enough to fit your first bundle inside. Finally, place your first bundle into this new opening and use both hands or one hand if you're dexterous enough (I'm not) to tuck in all those bits around the edges until you've formed a nice little package with no exposed bits hanging out.

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The Campers' Roll

This is a great way to fold your socks, but it's also pretty time consuming. First, you'll need to lay your socks out flat on a surface. Next, take one sock and hold it open with both hands while you roll it up into a tube shape. Then, gently squeeze the tube of socks together and place them on top of each other until they're in two separate stacks. Finally, take one stack from underneath the other and place them under so they're both in one stack again on their own. Now repeat this process for all your remaining socks!

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The Chinese Tissue Box Method

A Philosockphy is a way of life. It's not just folding your socks, but it's about finding what works for you and sticking with it. The Chinese Tissue Box Method is one such way that has proven successful for me and my fellow sock-folders.
The technique starts with placing two socks (opposite colors) together lengthwise in front of you. Then, gather both sides from one side and fold them into thirds so they meet at the crease where the toe would be in one sock. Next, take both ends from the other side and fold them into thirds as well so they also meet at their respective creases where the toes would be on one sock.