Sock Subscription of the Month: Five Creative Ways to Fold Your Socks


A sock subscription is the best way to ensure that your socks are always clean and fresh, ready to wear in no time at all. In fact, there’s no need to do any laundry at all anymore; just open up a sock box each month, grab the newest pair of socks, and put them on! If you’re ready to make this luxury part of your life, check out one of these five creative ways to fold your socks from @SockItToMeUS below


There are FIVE ways to fold socks

#1. The Straight Fold: Simply fold your socks in half so that the toe is on one side and the heel is on the other. #2. The Zigzag Fold: Place your socks so that they form a zigzag shape. #3. The Triangle Fold: Bring one side of your sock over another, then fold it back in on itself so that it forms a triangle shape. #4. The Classic Pile (aka Cookie Monster): Roll up each sock individually and place them all into a pile, with their toes at the bottom and heels at the top, like an adorable little cookie monster! #5.


First Way

There are many creative ways you can fold your socks, but we're going to share with you our five favorite ways. These methods will not only protect your socks from getting messed up in the dryer, but they'll also help get that fresh out of the dryer feeling for longer.
The first way is called The Basic. This is pretty self-explanatory, and it's a great option if you just want something simple that doesn't require too much effort. The basic method involves folding your sock in half lengthwise and then rolling one end over the other like a burrito. After you do this, tie a rubber band around your sock so that they don't unravel while they're drying in your drawer or on their shelf.


Second Way

If you're tired of folding your socks by hand, try this next crazy sock fold. You will need two pairs of socks and a little bit of time. Start by placing one sock on top of the other with toes pointing in opposite directions. Roll up both socks at once until they reach the ankle section, then tie them together as if it's one big loop. Take hold of the loop and twist it in different directions with both hands to create a knot in front, behind, or even on top for added stability. It's just like tying your shoe laces!


Third Way

If you're anything like me, you have a drawer full of neatly folded socks. However, when it comes time to wear them, they're never arranged in order, so I tend to just grab one and hope for the best. Why not take this opportunity and make it an adventure? Here are five creative ways that might help your socks get put on with a little bit more style.


Fourth Way

One way to fold socks is by dividing them into two groups. Keep all of the socks that are a solid color together, and all of the patterned socks together. After you've divided your socks into groups, stack your solids on top of one another in a column with the patterned sock on top. Now fold your pile in half so that there are two stacks side by side. Take one pair from each stack and tuck it under its counterpart in order to form a new stack with four pairs. Then make a second column out of your now-folded stacks and repeat this process until you have folded every pair.


Fifth Way

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