Sock Subscription of the Month: Drinking Games and Socks


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A game you can play with your friends

The game is called Drink! The Game. It's a card game with dice that has players take turns rolling their dice, then taking shots based on what they roll. We would play the game like this: Everyone would sit around in a circle. One person would roll all six dice and call out what they rolled. The player to their left rolls four dice, while the player to their right rolls two dice. The drink corresponding to each number would be assigned a different type of alcohol. For example, if someone rolls one die- you take a shot of beer; if someone rolls two dices- you take a shot of vodka; if someone rolls three dices-you take a shot of whiskey; etcetera.


A history of drinking games

Drinking games have been around for centuries. They were first invented in ancient times, when people played them for fun. As time went on, drinking games became more popular, with many variations coming into being. There are a number of different ways to play these games, but the most common one is to take a drink every time someone says a word that has to do with a certain category. For example, if you're playing Never Have I Ever, then people would take a drink every time they say something that applies to their past experience with alcohol or drug use. There are some variations on this game too; one is called I've Never, in which players can admit things they've done instead of taking drinks when someone else says something they haven't done.


Why are they so popular?

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4 benefits playing drinking games with socks

fun socks for men are a great way to get your drink on! Not only do they make drinking more fun, but they also add an element of unpredictability to drinking games. After all, how many times have you been playing beer pong or flip cup when someone picks up their shot glass and sets it down on the floor? The answer is never - because no one likes to drink standing up. But with novelty socks, you never know what might happen. I mean, when was the last time you saw someone take off their shoe and sock at a party? Exactly.