Sock Subscription of the Month: Drinking Games and Socks

The sock of the month club knows how important it is to have socks in your life. Most people don’t realize that having the right socks can make all the difference when it comes to having fun, making new friends, and learning about yourself. These reasons are why the sock of the month club has introduced their new subscription sock service for drinking games called sock subscription of the Month, or SocksMo for short. The SocksMo monthly subscription box will help you achieve your goals and make sure that you always have what you need to get your drink on at all times!

The Who – Drinky Funky

Drinking games are a great way to have some fun with friends. No matter what your favorite type of game is, you can find a drinking game for it. One type of game that people often play is called Philosockphy. The object of this game is to come up with words that relate to a particular category (i.e., vegetables, fruit) and then see who can come up with the most interesting word or phrase in that category in one minute. This game is typically played by two people each having their own round (i.e., Person A picks categories from 1-10; Person B does 10-20). Then they switch rounds until there are no more words left to say for either person's category list.

The What – Drinking Game Socks

This is a monthly subscription service for socks with drinking games on them. This will make it easy to always have a game at your fingertips and also makes an excellent gift for any lover of fun. The socks are available in three different styles, each with a different kind of game: Truth or Dare, Never Have I Ever, and Jenga/Beer Pong. All you need to do is pick your style preference (or get one of each!) at checkout.

The What – A Monthly sock subscription Service For Drinking Games (six sentences)

Have you ever been stuck trying to think up a new game? Or felt like you've run out of games you know how to play? Fear not! We have an answer for you.

The When – Monthly

This is a fun sock subscription service that's perfect for people who love to drink, but hate dirty socks! When you sign up, they'll send you a new pair of funky socks every month. You can even choose if you want them delivered in time for Christmas or Valentine's Day! There are six different subscription levels so you can get either two pairs a month (for $9.99/month) or twelve pairs a year (for $119.99/year). And don't worry about missing out on any colours - there are over 50 different kinds to choose from!

The Why – To Stand Out

We're launching a new monthly sock subscription! Our first package includes two pairs of socks, one for everyday wear and one for drinking games. The socks are made from high-quality cotton with bright, fun colors so they stand out in your drawer or on your feet. With two pairs per month, you'll never have to worry about running out while you're in the middle of a game night.

We designed these socks with gamers in mind, but they're also perfect for anyone who wants to add some variety to their sock drawer each month. By signing up today, you'll get a lifetime membership at our best price!

The How – Lifestyle + Drink Beer

It's common knowledge that drinking games like Kings Cup require a deck of cards. But, if you've been playing for years, your old worn-out deck is probably not going to cut it anymore. Enter our new sock subscription of the month – Drink Beer! Our socks are colourful and can be used in all sorts of drinking games. So we've made it easier than ever to enjoy your favourite card game with a fresh set.