Sock Subscription of the Month Club: Why I'm Hooked


How did I get hooked on the sock subscription club? I have no idea, but I’m glad I did because this subscription has been a really fun and different way to discover new brands, many of which make really great socks. In fact, I think you should give it a try too! Here’s why it’s one of my favorite subscription services.



I love getting socks each month, and it's a gift that keeps on giving! I love being able to wear unique socks from time to time instead of my regular ones. Sometimes, the colors are just different enough that you feel like you're wearing something new. The best part about this sock subscription service is that it delivers socks each month for as long as you want. Plus, there's always new designs coming out each month which means I can never get bored with my favorite pair of sock buddies. There are different types of socks for men available so whether your guy is looking for crazy color dress socks or cool mens socks there's a subscription plan ready to fill his needs!



Since my partner joined a sock subscription club, he's been giving me socks. And these aren't just any socks! They're brightly colored, fun socks with patterns and funky designs. Just the other day, he gave me some crazy socks that make it look like my feet are wearing a rainbow! He even got me some purple ankle socks to match my dress shoes! It's so much fun receiving new pairs of men's colorful ankle socks from month to month that I couldn't resist joining in on the fun too. Now my feet are happy and so am I because it feels like Christmas every time we get new arrivals in our mailboxes.



A sock subscription service is a perfect gift for men. It's a great way to show them you care while also giving them something they'll actually use. Plus, not only do you get to choose a unique pair of socks every month, but you can skip any month that doesn't work for your budget or interests. The sock of the month Club offers an assortment of styles with different colors and materials so there's something for everyone. My favorite part about this club is that it comes with no commitment--you can cancel at anytime, which means if you don't like what comes in your monthly box or just want to try something different, you never have to feel guilty about stopping your subscription.



I just received my first pair of socks from my new monthly sock subscription club and they're so comfortable! Not to mention, they're a whole lot brighter than any other mens socks I've seen. The company is called fun socks for men and they offer three different styles; colorful dress socks, fun crew socks, or classic ankle socks. You can select your favorite style and get them every month for as long as you want!
I've heard about these types of subscription services before but never really considered it until my girlfriend gave me a gift certificate to this one. It was easy to sign up online and all you have to do is select a time frame for when you want your first box delivered.



I'm a pretty hard-to-please person, but when it comes to socks, I have been more than pleased with my sock subscription. The colors are vibrant and fun, the designs are cool and different than anything you could find in your local department store, and they're comfortable enough that I don't feel like they're cutting off circulation to my feet. Plus, it's just so fun getting a package every month! With all this in mind, for any guy looking for awesome socks or best sock subscription or best crew socks or coolest socks club or top sock company then look no further than sock of the month Club.



If you're like me, you love to wear socks. So what's not to love about a sock subscription? It's kind of like getting a present every month with something new, exciting, and colorful. You don't know what it is yet but you can see in your mind how great it will be. Plus, this gift keeps on giving for an entire year! You get socks for all occasions, including workdays and weekends; there are even fun patterns and cool colors that will make any outfit pop. There are also fun men's ankle socks that are perfect for dressing up or down and look great with dress shoes.