Sock Subscription of the Month Club: What Are You Waiting For?


You might not think your socks could be worth $25 each and sent to you automatically every month. But wait until you see what the sock of the month Club has to offer! Here’s how it works: You sign up, and every month from then on, you receive one new pair of designer socks in the mail, just like that. Every month, you get to feel excited when your new sock package comes in the mail, because who doesn’t love getting new socks?


Having great socks can be a luxury

Do you need some new cool socks or funky colorful socks? It doesn't matter what kind of color dress sock, crazy color dress sock or cool mens socks you are looking for- we have it all!
You deserve these luxury mens purple ankle socks and other fun colorful ankle socks too! We also offer some awesome business gift ideas with fun crew socks or crazy color dress socks.


Stocking up on multiple pairs of great socks will give you something to wear all year long

When it comes to socks, there's just something about them. They're one of those things that you can never have too many pairs. If you love your socks and want to wear them all year long, this sock subscription service is perfect for you. It will keep your feet feeling fresh and with a new pair every month- you'll never need to worry about finding the perfect gift or going out shopping again!


Just try it. I dare you.

What are you waiting for? Put a little bit of fun in your life and join the sock subscription club. Imagine all those cool socks coming in to your doorstep each month! It's like Christmas every time. The best part is, they'll send you a new pair every month so you never have to worry about running out. And the crazier they get, the better. If crazy socks aren't your thing, then don't worry because they offer a variety of different types too - from crew socks to dress socks, you will find something perfect for you and your needs. Plus, it's also super easy on your wallet since it takes care of everything for you!


Let me know how much fun it is to get your new socks every month!

The best sock subscription is one where you get a new pair or two every month. As soon as I found out about this sock club, I had to sign up!
I like to wear dress socks a lot and I love the fun ones that come in my monthly box. Some are just plain colors but some are also stripes, polka dots and other fun designs!
It's really cool to have a different style for each day of the week and it's even better when they're bright colors. These socks make me want to wear dressier clothes because they give off such an interesting vibe. The company will also donate a portion of their proceeds to good causes which is always great too.