Sock Subscription of the Month Club: The Great Sock Encyclopedia


Over time, you’ve likely learned about some of the best sock subscription services on the market, like sock of the month Club and On Your Toes. But, even after hearing about these great sock subscription services, have you ever wondered what makes them so great? In this article about sock subscriptions, you’ll learn more about blind warps and yarn dyeing and discover what other things you can look out for when comparing sock subscription services from companies like sock of the month Club, On Your Toes and Stance Socks to see which one fits your preferences the best.



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Since socks are a commodity, there's not much to know about them. But they have been around for centuries and have been changing with the times. First they were made from wool, then cotton and now synthetic materials like nylon. Nowadays we're seeing more natural fibers being used as well, like bamboo and hemp. One thing that doesn't change is that socks are still one of the most undervalued clothing items in your wardrobe. It doesn't matter if you're wearing expensive dress socks or novelty men's ankle socks, because what you wear on your feet is just as important as what you wear on your back!


What is a Blind Warp?

A Blind Warp is a way to create stripes in your socks. For example, if you want your sock to be black, green and purple, then you would cast on with the Black for one row and then the Green for two rows before switching back to Black for one row. You would continue alternating colors until you have reached your desired length. This creates vertical stripes that are completely uniform from top to bottom on both sides of the fabric without any holes where yarn meets yarn.


How Do You Use A Blind Warp?

The first step to using a blind warp is to prepare your knitting. You'll want to knit a square or rectangle and then use the selvage (the short edge) as one of your edges, so that all you have left is a long edge. To start, you will need two strands of yarn. They can be any weight or color, but it's best if they are at least one similar in thickness. You'll also need a tapestry needle for weaving in ends and sewing up seams.


Yarn Dyeing 101

Yarn dyeing is a great way to create unique colors for your knitting and crochet projects. Simply submerge skeins in a pot of hot water, add some vinegar and choose from the variety of natural dyes available like indigo or tea. After you've soaked the yarn for about 10 minutes, remove it from the pot and rinse it until there are no more dye particles left on it. You can also add salt to your dye bath to help set hues!


Indigo Dying

The process to dye socks is called Indigo Dyeing. Indigo Dyeing is a technique for dying fabrics that was first developed in India and used indigo plant leaves to produce blue dyes. When the fabric is dyed with this process, it typically produces a dark blue color.
However, when you use multiple shades of indigo dye, different colors are created such as green or purple. This process can be done by hand or using a machine which has been fitted with an agitator to create turbulence in the water and allow for more dye uptake into the fabric.
This technique can be used on various types of fabrics such as cotton, wool, silk or nylon.