Sock Subscription of the Month Club: The Great Sock Encyclopedia


How many times have you been looking for the perfect pair of socks, only to find that you don’t have time to take care of your shopping list? That’s why we created the sock subscription of the month club! Every month, our expert buyers search high and low to find you fresh pairs of socks from all over the world, and deliver them directly to your doorsteps in time for the new month. Never miss another birthday or anniversary again! Get your sock subscription now!


Why subscribe to a sock club?

The best socks for men are found in a monthly sock subscription club. These unique, colorful socks are built to last and will help you embrace your inner wild side. Imagine opening up a package each month and being greeted with a new set of fun dress socks or cool mens socks. The best part is that these aren't just any boring old pair, but rather something that you can show off and be proud of!


What are blind warps?

Blind warps are used for socks that need to be knit in a specific shape. You will only see one or two stitches from each row, making it hard to tell how many rows there are and what order they come in. This is done on purpose so that the knitters don't have to worry about following a pattern and instead can just focus on knitting. Blind warps make it easier for people who want to learn how to knit socks with their own yarn because they don't have an exact pattern they need to follow.


How do you know if your socks are made with cotton or wool fibers?

Cotton and wool fibers have a lot in common. They are both natural materials that are derived from plants, they are both used to make textiles, and they are both soft. The main difference is cotton can be made into a stronger fabric because it is stronger than wool. Wool has been used for decades as the most popular material for making socks because it is lightweight, warm, breathable, and moisture-wicking (which means sweat is quickly absorbed). Cotton does not do this as well as wool does. Cotton also does not stretch like wool does which means it doesn't work well for socks that need to be stretched to fit over your feet and up your calf like some ankle socks do.


What's the difference between knitting toe-up vs. top down?

There are three different ways to knit socks. One way is called top down, which means you start from the toe and work your way up. This method is a little more complicated as you have to be mindful of what's happening at both ends simultaneously. Another way is called toe-up, which means you start by knitting a few rows at the top (heel) then work your way back down to the toes. This method can be easier as you only need to worry about one end at a time, but it can also be trickier if one end gets tighter than the other. Lastly, some knitters combine both methods in order to make sure they don't run out of yarn before finishing their sock!


What if my sizes don't fit in a monthly shipment?

Frequent customers who have varying sizes will have to be extra careful when selecting their socks. Size variations are not always easy to accommodate in a monthly shipment and we don't want you to get stuck with a pair of socks that doesn't fit you. If you're looking for a great sock subscription, why not try out crazy color dress socks or Crazy Color ankle socks?