Sock Subscription of the Month Club: The Five Best Ways to Fold Your Socks


You’ve heard the expression crazy cat lady before, right? But did you know that we have a term for sock collectors, too? It’s called sok-aholism, and if you have it, we have great news! A">sock subscription of the month club just launched with the goal of making sure all sok-aholics have fresh, clean socks throughout the year. For just $10/month, this monthly">sock subscription club sends you five pairs of designer socks, chosen to match your style and needs with new designs each month. The best part?

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Method #1 – Roll Them

The Philosockphy method is a great way to fold your socks. You simply roll them up with the toes on one side and the heel on the other. This is a good option if you're in a hurry or have limited space. If your socks happen to be too short, you can fold them in half and then roll them up.
#2 – Roll Them Into a Ball (four sentences) The second way is similar but instead of rolling them up into a ball, you leave them as two separate pieces that are rolled together, toe and heel touching each other, without going all the way around until they form a ball. This is best if you have time or want to make sure everything stays neatly organized while getting ready in the morning or packing for vacation.


Method #2 – Line Them Up

Line up your socks by length.
The shorter socks should be on the left, while the longer ones go on the right.
If you have a lot of different lengths, it might help to separate them into groups of three or four.
Line up your socks by color. This is a great method for those who have more than one pair in each color, but less than six pairs in total. Make sure that all colors are separated from each other, and that there is an equal amount of each color sock on both sides.


Method #3 – Overlap them

Some people say that there are only two ways to fold a sock. We disagree. There are actually six ways (but some might consider it seven). So, if you're tired of your socks being in a pile on your dresser, or if you just want an easy way to keep them neatly stacked in your drawer, read below for five great ways to fold your socks.
1) Just like normal – To start off with, we'll show you how most people know how to fold their socks. With this method, you will be folding them so that they face one another and are touching each other's toes.


Method #4 – Chain Them with Binder Clips

Binder clips can be used to hold your socks together in a neat, organized stack. All you need is a binder clip and about five minutes. How would you organize your sock-folding project? You'll want to take into account what type of socks are in the pile. Taller types, like dress socks, may not work well with this method because they will stretch out the binder clip's arms. But if you've got some ankle socks or crew socks handy, this is a good way to go.
Binder clips can also be used for other projects around the house – like keeping one end of your children's art project taut while they paint at the other end!


Method #5 – Stack Them Inside One Another

The fifth way is one I learned from my grandma. She would fold her socks in such a way that they all fit inside each other and we're nice and neat. This is a great method for someone who doesn't have much space in their drawer or sock drawer, because it will help you save room by stacking your socks neatly. This is also a good option if you need to send your laundry out to be done.
If you're looking for an easy way to pack up your clothes so that they don't wrinkle, this method might be right for you! All you do is fold them like normal, but rather than folding them into thirds, fold them into halves before placing them into one another like a sandwich.