Sock Subscription of the Month Club: The 5 Best Ways to Fold Your Socks!


As sock-lovers and sock-owners, we wanted to share our favorite ways to fold your socks so they look their best and take up the least amount of space in your dresser drawers. sock subscription of the month clubs are great, but there’s no sense in paying all that money when you don’t get to enjoy the benefits of your subscription because your socks are buried underneath some other stuff you didn’t want to put away! If you’re looking for tips on how to fold your socks so that you can actually use them, keep reading!


1) Basic Box

The best way to fold your socks is by using one of our sock subscriptions. It's like a monthly gift for your feet that you can enjoy year-round.
Check out how easy it is with our Basic Box, which includes 3 pairs each in cotton and wool, as well as crazy color dress socks and cool mens socks. If you want more than just socks, we also offer a Nice Box (3 pairs each) or a Fun Box (2 pairs) in all cotton styles.


2) Diagonal Box

1. Place socks in a clean, dry laundry hamper. 2. Grab the top sock and fold it over so that its shorter length is on top. 3. Take the other sock and do the same thing with it, so that they are both next to each other in two equal lengths, but one is on top of the other. 4. Rotate them 180 degrees so that now they are both facing in opposite directions and their longer lengths are on top of each other. 5. Fold them together by making a diagonal fold by folding one over onto itself using its shorter length as a starting point and then folding the other one onto itself using its longer length as a starting point so that they meet in the middle of where you just made your diagonal fold.


3) Cube

1. Free-Fold Method - This is my favorite method. All you need to do is fold your socks in half and roll them until they form a little bundle. 2. I like this one because it's simple and won't be a hassle if you have a lot of socks in your drawer because they will all fit nicely together and take up less space than when they are folded individually. 3. This also makes it so that you can grab just one sock at a time if you need it quickly, which could be nice for us men who usually just wear dress socks or ankle socks with jeans on our feet since we don't really care about having an assortment of colors or patterns on our feet at any given time! 4.


4) ZigZag

1) Men's purple ankle socks- fold them in a zigzag pattern. 2) mens colourful socks- use an accordion fold or a zigzag fold. 3) mens colourful socks- you can also roll them up and place them in your sock drawer. 4) Mens ankle socks- pack them tightly, then roll them up and place them in your sock drawer. 5) gift socks- put them neatly into a package and tie with a bow. 6) fun socks for men - wear every day, but store on top so they last longer! 7) Fun men's ankle socks - fold them over so they are lying flat against each other, and then flip onto the back of your leg where you want to wear it.


5) Zipper

For those with a lot of socks and not enough drawer space, a sock subscription is the best way to fold your socks. Whether you go for the classic sock subscription or something more fun like a dress socks, cool socks for men, or colorful socks and ankle socks - there are so many great options out there. Here's how to fold your favorite pair in three different ways