Sock Subscription of the Month Club Review - They're Cute, Comfy, and Durable

sock subscription of the Month Club Review - They're Cute, Comfy, and Durable

sock subscription of the month club reviews can be hard to come by, because frankly, not many sock subscriptions are on the market. That's why when I was introduced to Baller Socks' sock of the month club subscription by my best friend and neighbor Jill, I knew I had to write this review. This review will cover everything from the convenience and aesthetic of Baller Socks' sock subscriptions to whether or not it's worth your money as well as your attention span. Let's get started!


Reasons why I love my sock subscription

The subscription comes with a nice variety of socks each month so I never end up with duplicates. Plus, they have cool socks for men like crazy color dress socks or fun men's ankle socks. The quality is good too. My favorite thing about this subscription is that they have cool mens sock styles like colorful socks or colorful ankle socks that you can't get in stores. And what do I love most? The price is right!


Why you should consider a sock subscription

A sock subscription can provide you with fun socks for men that are unique and colorful. You can get a gift for your dad or boyfriend that they'll enjoy! With so many mens ankle socks to choose from, your sock subscription will be a great idea. Plus, it's an easy way to make dressing easier in the morning.


What is The sock of the month Club?

The sock of the month club is a monthly subscription service that sends you 12 pairs of socks. You can choose from different styles including cool dress socks, crazy crew socks, or even just regular old ankle socks. Each package includes one pair for each month for up to 12 months. The best part about this club is that it's not just limited to men either! Women can sign up for the sock subscription as well.


How does The sock of the month Club Work?

The sock of the month Club is a monthly sock subscription that delivers three pairs of fun dress socks to your doorstep every month. You can choose from six different sock designs for both men and women. If you have any questions about sizing or shipping, you'll find all the information on their website. Sign up for either a 3-month or 12-month plan to save a little bit more money.


Getting your own subscription

The best sock subscription for me has been sock of the month Club. My favorite colors are purple and blue so I'm really happy with their selection. The socks are durable and have lasted a few months so far. It's also a gift that you can give to someone who needs good socks. For those who don't like getting random socks, this is a great option because you know what you're going to get every month!


Cost & Pricing

I was so excited to be receiving socks each month. It is an awesome gift for me because I am a sock addict! I have never seen such cute socks before. The first pair that came were purple ankle socks with some sort of blue pattern on them. My favorite part about these is that they are nice and thick. The next pair came in the mail today, which were a little more colorful than my previous ones but still very comfy. The last pair that came in the mail are red with white polka dots! These are also my favorite ones so far!
I would say that this is definitely worth it because you don't know what kind of socks you will get from it. I'm excited to see what's going to come next month!


The Rewards

Every month you will receive a package with a fun assortment of socks. Your first shipment will include 2 pairs of men's purple ankle socks, 2 pairs of men's colorful socks, and 1 pair of best crew socks. Every month after that you'll receive 2-3 pairs each month in different designs. The monthly club is perfect for those who want a surprise or crave variety! Plus you can always return your shipments if you're not satisfied with what you received.


Is it worth it?

I've been a member of sock subscription of the Month Club for about a month now. I have to say that I am really happy with my choice. I'm on the monthly membership plan so each month new socks come in the mail with next day shipping (I always get an email telling me what's coming). The price is $13-15/month which is a little pricey but worth it if you love getting new socks every month. There are 6-8 pairs in each package with styles varying from awesome socks club to crazy socks. My favorite part is that they fit well and are comfy to wear all day long.


Boxes Received so far!

I've been subscribed to sock of the month Club for a few months now. I was very excited when my first box arrived with a nice variety of socks: some dressy, some casual. I loved that they were all different colors so I could wear them with anything! The best part is that I've had no issues with durability--they are still in great shape after many hours in the washing machine. Overall, I'm really happy with this subscription service because it's delivered what it promised: quality socks at an affordable price.