Sock Subscription of the Month Club Review - They're Cute, Comfy, and Durable

sock subscription of the Month Club Review - They're Cute, Comfy, and Durable

A sock subscription of the month club is a unique gift idea that gives your loved one 6 pairs of high quality socks each year (or month). If you think it's silly to spend money on socks, this review will change your mind. I received my first sock of the month Club delivery and was very impressed with both the design and fit of each pair I received! There are a lot of different sock subscriptions out there but this one has some pretty great features that make it stand out from the rest!

Who are they?

If you love having a new pair of socks in your drawer every month, this subscription is for you. We loved how affordable this sock subscription was for all the socks we got to choose from that were colourful and comfy. They are really durable so they last long even if you wear them everyday. Best part is they have free shipping so it's easy to sign up!

The package

I was really excited to get my first sock subscription in the mail. I ordered a sock subscription because I love socks that are colorful and not just plain black or white. The package came with two pairs of socks (one for me, one for my sister) which is great because we don't have to fight over them. The packaging was really cute too! The socks were very comfortable on my feet and they were durable so they lasted a long time. I'm really glad I decided to order this sock subscription!

How cute are they?

These socks are so cute! I love all the different colors. The designs are really cute as well. I got a new pair every month which is great because I always need new socks. It's also nice to get a package in the mail that's not bills or junk. I'm going to keep this subscription for at least another year.

Fit and feel of socks

I just received my first package in the mail from Sock-of-the-Month. I was so excited to try on these bright, colourful socks! The socks are made from 80% Acrylic 20% Nylon and feel very comfortable. I have now worn them a few times already and they haven't stretched out or become loose. It is great that this company offers different sizes too as I wear a size 8 women's shoe but can be more difficult to find socks that fit well. The packaging is also super cute with bright colours which makes it fun to open up every month!

I really like how each package has an assortment of different types of socks such as ankle length, crew length, knee high, etc.

Durability with time

The sock of the month Club has been around for a few years now and I decided to try it out. The company sends you a new pair of socks every month with a card from the company on how they come up with their designs.

The socks are durable but they are not made to last forever. I would say that they are good for about six months before starting to show wear, but this is just an estimate based on my experience with them. If you take care of your socks by washing them after every wear or wearing them only one time a week then you can get more out of them. I personally love these socks because they are so colorful and stylish.

Are they comfortable to wear?

The first thing I noticed when I pulled these socks out of the box is how bright and colourful they are! It was a nice change from all the black or dark blue socks I wear to work every day. The second thing I noticed was that these socks were really comfortable to wear. They have a soft cotton feel that wraps around your foot snugly without being too tight. The top band is wide so it doesn't dig into my ankles like other socks do. And there's nothing more annoying than when your heel slips down in your sock just as you get ready to walk out the door in them! That never happens with this sock because they stay up on my feet no matter what!

Good value for money?

I've been a member for two years now and I can say that it's good value for money. The socks come in an assortment of colours and designs which are always fun to wear with different outfits. It helps me feel confident even when I'm not wearing makeup or anything else fancy. It also gives me something to look forward to in the mail each month which is really nice after a long day at work. There are other subscriptions that provide other items like underwear or t-shirts but I prefer socks because they can be worn year round.


Ultimately, I think this is a really fun idea for a gift or to start your own sock collection. It's easy to get sucked in with all the pretty colors and styles they offer, but I would suggest staying true to your personal style. If you know someone who loves bright colors or geometric prints then they will love these! The quality is good, they are comfortable and durable. Overall I am very pleased with my first sock subscription of the Month Club experience.