Sock Subscription of the Month Club: How to Show Off Your Socks on Instagram


It’s the month of June, which means everyone is showing off their dad-bods on social media! But what if you can’t bear to leave your home on any given month? That’s where sock subscription of the Month Club comes in!


Are sock pictures welcome on Instagram?

Do you want to see fun socks? Crazy ankle socks? cool mens socks? You'll love this guide!
Yes, sock pictures are welcome on Instagram. It's even a trend right now, with so many awesome sock accounts popping up. But how do you take great photos of your socks and show them off on Instagram?
We've got that covered too! Here are some tips and tricks for showing off your socks.


The Do's

- Choose a sock subscription with socks in colors you like.
- Pick some colorful socks and show them off. - Take photos of your feet wearing the socks, close up or full body shots. - Use hashtags related to what you're doing that day, for example, #saturdaynight #dinnerdate #cookingwithfamily#longweekend#saturdaymorning. - Tag people from your posts in your comments with @ followed by their username and photo. - Share your photos on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to get more exposure for your post and reach a larger audience!


The Don'ts

1. You don't want to wear colorful socks with a business suit.
2. You don't want to wear crazy color dress socks with jeans and a t-shirt.
3. You don't want to wear colored ankle socks with sandals or slippers.
4. You don't want to wear fun socks for men when you're going out at night or they might think you're trying too hard, but during the day it's totally ok!
5. You don't want to wear funny novelty socks unless you are actually wearing them for a joke, because that defeats the purpose!


Bonus Tips

- Getting a sock subscription is a great gift idea for men.
- Many sock subscriptions offer monthly, bi-monthly and yearly deliveries.
- For those who don't know what color socks they want, there are many different types of sock subscriptions that let you pick your own color and style.
- You can also sign up for different sock subscriptions for her!