Sock Subscription of the Month Club: Five Great Ways to Fold Your Socks


Fold your socks the right way! After you’ve enjoyed our sock subscription of the month club, you can even teach your friends how to fold their socks with these five great ways to fold socks. They’re all easy and require no special tools or folding skills—so why not give them a try?


Basic Rules

The best sock subscription club is a monthly sock service that delivers high quality pairs right to your door step. This is the perfect gift for any man in your life, and it's always fun to get new socks every month!
When you're done wearing a pair of socks, don't throw them out! You can recycle them by cutting each one into strips about an inch wide, and then rolling up all the strips. The tightly rolled strips will be used as stuffing for other things like toys or pillows. And if you have kids that are learning their colors, this is a great way for them to learn what color goes with which letter or number.
You can also use old socks as plant pot holders or make little slippers out of them for kids.


Single Step

Many men will have at least one drawer full of mismatched socks. Why not solve that problem by signing up for a sock subscription? It's easy! All you need is a drawer, a sock organizer and this list.
1) First, separate your socks into two groups, dark and light colors. The sock subscription you sign up for will come in different colors each month so it will make things easier if you can just grab those colors out of the box when they arrive. 2) Next, roll all your dark socks together from small to large and put them in one side of your drawer with the other dark socks from other months. The same goes for light colored socks with their corresponding colors as well as size.


Double Step

This post will explore five great ways that you can fold your socks. The first way is called 'over and under'. This method is great for socks with a thicker heel and toes, where two or more pairs can fit over each other without overlapping. The second fold is called 'over and in'. This one is just like the 'over and under' method but with one sock folded over on top of the other. The third way to fold socks is called 'over and out'. This one starts with both socks hanging down, then they are folded in half, so they are back-to-back before being put inside each other.


Triple Step

1. Decide which part of your sock needs to be on top, and which one needs to be on the bottom. For example, if you're wearing a dress shirt with long sleeves, look at your socks and decide which one should go on top-the one that's closest to your toes or the one that's closest to your heel? If you're wearing a T-shirt with short sleeves, it doesn't matter.2. Starting with whichever sock is closest to your toes or heel, take that sock and fold it in half so that its seams are lined up together (A).3. Take the other sock and do the same thing by folding it so its seams are lined up together (B) 4.



The Half-Roll is a very simple, low-tech way to fold your socks. It's a great way for beginners and kids to learn how to fold their socks.
To do this style, you'll need one sock in each hand. Place your hands together, with the toes facing up, so that they're in front of you and then just roll them together until they meet at the top. The result should be one tube of fabric!
One common complaint with this style is that it doesn't have as much volume as other methods - meaning it may not be a good idea if your socks are heavy or thick.