Sock Subscription of the Month Club: Five Great Ways to Fold Your Socks

You know how it goes when you’re doing laundry—there’s always those last few socks that are all tangled up together in the dryer. It takes forever to carefully separate them, and sometimes, your beloved socks never really recover from the experience. But why risk it? With sock subscription services like sock of the month Club, you can get new pairs of socks every month without having to lift a finger at laundry time. Here are five great ways to fold your socks so they don’t tangle in the dryer or during storage, no matter what type of subscription you sign up for!

The Cuff Roll

Cuff Roll is a sock subscription service that delivers one new pair of socks every month. Cuff Roll combines fashion and comfort in their socks, so you can wear them for days on end without feeling any discomfort. Each month you'll receive a new pair, handpicked by our team from a selection of fun prints, textures and colors. You'll always get two pairs per shipment - one dress sock and one ankle sock - which makes it easy to match outfits with your style. You can even choose what kind of socks you want from Cuff Roll's list, or from any other brand! With such a wide variety of choices at affordable prices, it's hard not to find some cool socks for men!

The Turtleneck Roll

1. Draw your sock like a tube with one end open and the other closed.

2. Grab both ends and pull them apart, just like you would if you were rolling up a sweater or carpet. 2a. You can also do this with just one end by grabbing it with both hands, then pulling it over itself until it is tight.

The Staircase Fold

The Staircase is a fold that can be done with any sock size. To start, fold your sock in half and then in half again so it forms a triangle. Next, fold one side over the other and tuck under the top flap. Now fold that flap over again and tuck it under again. Finally, pinch both sides together and tuck into your shoe.

The Over-Under

This month, get your socks from a subscription service. These services usually include a monthly delivery of anything from crew socks to dress socks and crazy color dress socks. This is a great way for guys who love having fun with their sock game and want some new, fresh options every month.

The Infinity Roll

This is a fantastic way for those with limited storage space and little time on their hands. Simply roll up your socks, from toe to heel, until they form a neat cylinder. Then, tuck one end of the cylinder under the other and wrap it around again. Repeat this process until you have completely wrapped your sock bundle. Tuck in any loose ends and secure with a rubber band or hair elastic if necessary. This will help keep them neat and tidy even when stored in that tiny dresser drawer or closet shelf!

A great way for those who want to be more eco-friendly too!