Sock Subscription of the Month Club: Five Great Ways to Fold Your Socks


How many times have you wished that you could just get a monthly delivery of new socks? Now you can, thanks to the brilliant people who came up with the concept of the sock subscription of the month club. Want to learn five great ways to fold your socks? Check out our handy guide!


The Folding Board Method

One way to fold your socks is called The Folding Board Method. To do this, you need a soft surface that is larger than your pile of socks. On top of the soft surface, place one sock and fold it in half lengthwise. Then place another sock on top, perpendicular to the first one so they form a cross. Take both halves of the first sock and fold them over onto one side of the second sock (so it looks like an X). This is your foundation for folding all other pairs in a similar manner. Place another pair on top, make sure they are perpendicular to each other and then fold it in half lengthwise. Then take both halves and fold them over onto one side of the next pair.


The Roll Method

1. Start by folding your sock in half so that the toe is at one end and heel at the other.
2 2. Roll your sock from heel to toe, making sure it stays straight as you go. 2 3. Stop when you are about halfway through, then fold your sock in half again (toe on top) and continue rolling until you reach the end.
4 4. Make a nice tight roll that looks like an ice cream cone, then pick up both ends and tie them together with a shoe lace or elastic hair band.


The Button Method

1) Pick up one sock. 2) Take the sock and place it over your hands. 3) Hold up your hands with the sock in them and pull it down so that it hangs off your fingers. 4) Place your thumb at one end of the top opening, and your pointer finger at the other end, then pinch together. 5) With both thumbs, push against each other until they meet in front of the opening. 6) Now take both pointer fingers, put them inside the loop you created by pushing your thumbs together and pull outwards so that you create a larger hole for stuffing socks into. 7) Stuff one sock inside then repeat with next sock, until all are done!


The Twist-Roll Method

This method is perfect for guys who have a lot of socks, or just like wearing really colorful socks. Start by putting your thumbs on one side and your fingers on the other, then roll until you've got a nice tight bundle. Then make sure you have enough fabric bunched up in your hands that you can put your index finger over them and create a loop. Next, hold this loop with both hands and twist it tightly so that it forms an X. Once you've twisted it enough times, hold it over one leg so that all of the toes are pointing downward and then snap it off by moving your thumbs down toward the floor. This snaps off some excess fabric so that you're left with something that's easy to put in a drawer.


The Braided Chain Method

The first method we're going to be covering is called braiding. The braided chain method is a simple way that involves taking two socks and tying them together at the end with a piece of string or thread. Put one sock on your left hand, and then take another sock and put it on your right hand. Start by taking one of the toes from your left hand, and place it inside the toe on your right hand. Make sure that both socks are facing inwards, so they are facing each other. Now take one end from either side and tie them together in a knot. This should result in two loops where you have created a braid with two strands which will form into one loop when you tie off your knot!