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I love socks! I have quite the collection, with many different colors and patterns, and they’re so comfortable to wear. But I do wish they were even more comfortable than they are, especially when wearing my dress shoes or high heels. That’s why I’m so excited about sock of the month Club, an awesome subscription box service that provides you with quality men’s and women’s socks every month!


A short history of socks

Some people say that socks have existed since before the time of dinosaurs. Since then, they've evolved to be worn as style statements, for warmth, or just to protect your feet from bacteria or fungus. The only thing that has stayed constant is their usefulness in keeping you comfortable. Today, there are many different types of socks for different purposes. For example, ankle socks are best suited to keep you warm while also avoiding having your shoes rub against your skin; whereas crew length socks are ideal if you're looking for something more versatile and can be worn with sneakers or dress shoes.


How socks are made

The manufacturing process is fascinating. The wool from which most socks are made is first shorn from sheep, but not just any sheep. Only the fleeces that have been specially bred for their softness are used to create quality socks. After being shorn, raw wool is transported to a mill where it's washed in hot water and detergent. The water spins out all the dirt, oils and greases, leaving behind fine white fleeces with long fibers that will become your socks. They're then sent to a carding machine where they're passed over metal teeth to align and straighten the fibers before they're spun into thread using one of many methods including air jet spinning or open end spinning.


Types of fabric used in making socks

There are many different types of fabric used in making socks including cotton, wool, polyester, acrylic, nylon and spandex. You can find socks made from all of these fabrics. Cotton is an inexpensive choice that's ideal for warmer months. Wool is warm but it can be expensive because it has to be sheared so often. Acrylic is also inexpensive but not as durable as cotton or wool. Polyester is an inexpensive synthetic fabric that is popular with people who work in damp environments because it doesn't absorb moisture. Nylon is lightweight, soft, stretchy and breathable while spandex allows you to stretch your sock over your calf without getting snagged on your pants leg like elastic does.


Section on different types of socks

The sock subscription company offers three types of subscriptions that provide different types of socks. The monthly subscription includes two pairs, while the quarterly subscription includes four pairs, and the yearly plan provides six pairs.
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