Sock Subscription of the Month Club: A New Way to Sock It to Me


I love getting mail, but I’m also pretty particular about it, so when I got a package in the mail one day with nothing on the return address, I was pretty confused. Then I opened it up and saw that it was something called a sock subscription of the Month Club. I knew right away that this was going to be my new favorite thing ever! Getting new socks every month? Count me in!


The Concept

The sock subscription of the Month Club is an easy way to get socks delivered straight to your door every month. This monthly membership will provide you with a new, never worn pair of socks every 30 days. Our selection includes mens colored ankle socks and colorful men's dress socks. You can choose from our best sellers or request something different each month. We offer a six month or twelve-month plan for those who want more variety on their feet! The best part? Your first order ships free, no strings attached!


The Pros

Sure, you could buy socks for a guy for Christmas and call it a day. But what if he loves socks? This is where these monthly sock subscription clubs come in. They're a great way to get your guy new socks every month, with new styles and colors that he'll love. Plus, there's no need to guess at sizes - they come in one size and fit most guys' feet. You'll also find fun designs like crazy color dress socks, cool mens socks, or colorful men's ankle socks that would be perfect for any guy on your list this year.
Best of all? The customer service team will work with you if the first time isn't perfect - so there's no risk when you sign up!


The Cons

-colorful socks are not available in all sizes.
-There is no variety.
-The price is a little steep.
-It's a one time gift or present, not an ongoing monthly membership.
-You'll have to do your own research on sizing and colors for the socks you want because you won't know what will be sent until it arrives each month.
-There is no tracking for your package so if it gets lost, you have no way of receiving a refund or replacements for your lost items.
-The company does not offer customer service through email or phone contact which can make it difficult if there are any questions about what has been delivered or anything else related to your order.