Sock Subscription of the Month: 8 Random, Fun, and Useless Facts About Socks


Having the right socks in your wardrobe can help you make a good impression, no matter what you’re wearing. Not sure where to start? A sock subscription service like Stance will do all the hard work for you and send your socks as soon as they’re ready. With this sock subscription of the month, you’ll get two pairs of socks every month shipped straight to your door in exchange for just $10 per month, shipping included! Here are 8 random, fun, and useless facts about socks from around the world that you might not have known...


1) The origins of silk

Silk is a natural protein fiber spun from silkworm cocoons. For more than 2,000 years it was one of the most important trade items in Asia. It was originally developed by Chinese Emperors as a luxury fabric that was worn mostly by nobility and royalty. But as its production spread to other cultures, it became increasingly popular with commoners too.


2) A historical view on socks

It's hard to believe that socks have been around for more than 1,000 years. They were originally worn by kings in ancient Rome as a way to keep their feet warm. Today socks are more popular than ever with a wide variety of styles and fun designs. And now there's a sock subscription service!


3) Interesting facts about socks

#1. The average person will wear about nine pairs of socks in their lifetime.
#2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9) We are constantly exposed to harmful bacteria, dust mites and fungus through our feet. The more we can do to fight this exposure, the better off we will be. cool socks for men not only keep us cool during hot summer months but also protect us from these harmful agents as well.
#10) Another way that cool socks for men can help with health is by making sure your blood circulation is being stimulated by wearing them which helps reduce swelling and fight arthritis pain.


4) How they evolved over time

It was in 1818 when woolen socks became popular in France. That style came over to America and it became popular with farmers. They wore ankle-high socks made from wool or cotton because they were comfortable to wear for hours on end. Then the style changed to dressier socks for everyday wear--those were usually made from silk or other fine fibers.
In 1985 Puma introduced its first pair of running shoes with a sock attached at the front instead of laces, which made them easier to put on. I guess that's where we get the saying putting on your running shoes.
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5) Final thoughts on what makes a good sock

A good pair of socks starts with a good design. Good designs are usually made to meet the needs of consumers. Some people like ankle socks for their comfort while others prefer crew socks for their simplicity in design. A lot of people go with fun or crazy color dress socks as they are less likely to get dirty as easily. The best sock subscription service is one that provides cool mens socks in a variety of styles and colors.